Consumer Reports’ Verdict On The 2016 Mazda MX-5: The All-Time Best

The reviews of the all-new Mazda MX-5 we’ve seen so far have been overwhelmingly positive and this latest one from Consumer Reports makes no exception.

Mazda has really nailed it with the fourth-generation Miata, a modern car that’s nearly as light as the first-generation model – truly a remarkable accomplishment. How many carmakers do you think are capable of pulling off something similar with one of their models without substantially increasing the price?

Hopefully we’ll find the answer to that question in the years to come, but until then let’s see what Consumer Reports’ Tom Mutchler had to say about the 2016 MX-5 Miata.

He really didn’t have any complaints about the car other than the lack of a real glove box compartment, the noisy cabin at highway speeds and the too many steps required to operate simple functions of the infotainment system. When that is all you can find wrong with a car, you know you’re driving a really special machine.


  • My next car

    • Audi Quattro

      Me too, currently owning the NC but really can’t wait to own this one 🙂

  • emjayay

    Minor gripe – I mean, what other modern MGA/Triumph TR is there? But the grille shape could have been a little less happy faced. Mazda would be well served to put that unfortunate phase well behind it in general.

  • Six_Tymes

    Man the rear lights are UGLY.

    I wish Hondas was still making the S2000.

    • Sgt_Stinger

      The rear lights look great if you ask me.

    • Andrew Conforti

      Amen to bringing back the S2000. I don’t hate the lights though – just kinda meh compared to the front end.

    • JM Franklin

      Just buy a nice used one. Agreed on those taillights.

    • Dr G

      I had a 2007 s2000, bought it new drove it 3800 miles had to get rid of it. My brother sold his new 2008 s2000 after 900 miles. My neighbor has a 2008 s2000 club sport purchased new has just 5800 miles on it. If your over 6 feet tall the s2000 will suck for you. Go work a hard 10 hour day somewhere and put yourself into a s2000 see how long that will last.

      • Bruce Bradford

        I’m 6’1″ and have enjoyed putting 162,000 miles on my 2004 S2000, including several trips of 250 miles or so. I live in Texas so weather is almost never a reason to drive another of our cars. Just bought the 2016 MX5 for my wife and I’m quite impressed so far.

  • Duke Woolworth

    My NC has 12k miles in 9 years up here in the salt belt. With only five months to drive it, I’m enjoying every minute, though it could use more lumbar support and more low end grunt,. I haven’t sat in the ND, and the power’s almost the same.
    If the seat’s even lower than mine, my wife could hardly see over the gunwales, which she complains about now.

  • lastruebeliever

    my next car too, wish the 1.5 had a limited slip diff though

  • smartacus

    Consumer Reports also called Tesla Model S best car, then turned around a couple of seasons later calling it undrivable!

  • Miata fan

    I would like to know if there will be a removable hardtop. This way, in my opinion we can have the security and quietness of the hard top when necessary and lightness of the soft top of wanted. Removable hard top, and I am sold.

  • Greg

    My local dealer already has my deposit.Can’t wait for the Australian release of the 2 Litre late this year.

  • JM Franklin

    The overall package is very appealing. However, I’m not blown away. This will probably be a car that’s more impressive in the flesh. The details though….the rear three quarter angle has always been my favorite angle, so taillights are a big one for me. Japan used to OWN this angle in the 90’s and they all had some of the best taillights in those days. Then, since 2000 or so, there have been a few cars where the taillights alone just killed some of the appeal of otherwise beautiful cars from Japan. the 2000+ Celica, the FR-s/BRZ, and now the Miata. Some have gotten it right too, the S2000 and G35 Coupe had really nice asses lol!

  • JL Serkes

    have owned three of these and three mini s,s. At his makes me wanna give up my back seat AGAIN!

  • Gary

    Bought 2016 GT auto. Love the electronic shifting, way faster than manual in and out of corners. All the toys are perfect, blind spot monitor critical with rag top blind spots. Only one complaint, have whining sound out of engine area first 5 – 10 mins even after warm up. Does it in neutral so not the transmission. Service not sure what it is, any guesses out there?
    Great car though.

  • Sacalion

    Had my heart set on owning this car until i sat in the drivers seat of one at an auto show. If you are around 6’2″ or taller …Forget It! I had to have the show presenter help me get out of the car. It wasn’t easy to get into either. The show presnter (6’4″) said that he had the same problem. In addition, he said that when Mazda came out with their latest model, he had hoped that they would create more leg room… They didn’t….I am totally disappointed.

    • bunky doodle

      amputation is worth it

  • John Sprinklebumj

    My wife drives a mint condition 2000 Miata. There is no way she would sell it or trade it in, even for a new Miata, it is that much fun to drive. She says it would do 125 mph new. I didn’t ask. 🙂 She did say she was not old enough to drive this car. I should tell readers we looked then at a new BMW, which costs almost exactly twice the Miata, and she liked the Miata better. The rest is history and in 2016, she is still driving and enjoying her Mazda Miata.

  • crag keeper

    I would like to have one. But even if I could afford one right now, they are way too small for an every day driver. Back roads with nobody on them? Great. Finding any roads like that in most of America is gone. Crazies in their 4×4’s in large numbers challenging your wee car at every intersection! Scary.

    • bunky doodle

      yea i drive a way bigger mbz slk 230….much better. wait, same size, just cost more

  • wasserball

    The older ones have been the best autocross car.

  • gotthumbs

    I currently own a 96 NA M-Edition (171,000 miles) and seriously considering an upgrade to this in 2017 (Manual Trans of course). I’d REALLY like to see them add three new colors (Merlot Metallic, Starlight Blue Mica or a BRG) and all with tan leather.

    I do agree with the CR review. My initial thought after sitting in the car was that they went TOO high-tech with the electronics. I tend to adhere to the K.I.S.S. principle. Don’t need junk like “blind spot indicators” with the GT but do want the leather seating.

    As a side note, I’d LOVE to seem them make a hard-top version with a sloping rear like the Cobra Coupe or BMW Coupe.

  • Dodger

    We have a 2016 MX-5 Grand Touring and we love it.
    It handles great, drives like a go cart.
    Very responsive.

  • Stainless

    WAY WAY WAY overpriced…

  • jackgotney

    It looks like a woman’s car. They should make one that’s styled for a male (what about us non-gay males?).

    • StopLootingDems

      Buy a Z4

  • Keefer

    I first saw one at Town Square in Vegas a few months ago and at first thought it was a Z4 until a Z4 drove past. Much more aggressive looking than it’s predecessors and really nice lines. I’m not sure it’s for me (I’m pretty big and am afraid I would look like Mr. Incredible in it) but I liked it.

  • GlockG23

    Now, drop a rotary in it…

  • phill

    2016 mx5 gt roaster. reverse camera connect faulty. passenger side seatbelt faulty. gearbox problems. not happy.wheels car of the year, faulty

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