Dashcam Captures Dramatic Crash With Honda Overturning A Lincoln In Canada

A driver from Montreal, Canada, recorded a spectacular crash on his dash-cam while riding on Highway 20 in Lachine this past Thursday, June 11, 2015.

“Simply Driving back from Work in Montreal….When….” wrote the driver, Andrei Fimine, on his YouTube page. “It is definitely the Civic’s fault that the taxi service car flipped,” he added.

From the footage, we see that the Honda Civic driver suddenly turned left when traffic slowed down – we don’t know if the motorist did so to avoid hitting the car in front of if he/she was afraid of the dash-cam vehicle coming from behind.

As a result, the Civic clipped a Lincoln MKS taxi that was driving on the restricted bus and taxi lane and which overturned hitting at least two other vehicles in the process. At this time, it is unknown if anyone was hurt in the accident.

Thanks to Gus for the tip!


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