Mercedes-Benz Decides To Build G500 4×4², Prices It From €226,100

We have both good and bad news for fans of the extreme Mercedes-Benz G500 4×4² show car. The automaker has confirmed it will build the off-roader, but the price will make it prohibitive for most people: it costs from €226,100 ($255,570) in Germany.

Powered by a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 petrol engine which produces 422PS (416hp) and 610Nm (450Nm) of torque, the G500 4×4² gets portal axles and one pair of wheels less compared to the G63 AMG 6×6 it is derived from.

The model features a considerably wider track compared with the series-production car (+299mm), huge 325/55 R 22-sized wheels and adjustable damping with Sport mode, with Mercedes-Benz saying all these features allow it to drive through bends “so dynamically that the occupants feel as though they are in a sports car rather than a cross-country vehicle.”

But the G500 4×4² shows its true nature off-road, where the permanent all-wheel drive, off-road reduction in the transfer case, portal axles and the three differentials which can be locked while on the move make it exceptionally competent.

Unlike on conventional rigid axles, the portal axles allow the wheels to be mounted further below the height of the axle center. As a result, the ground clearance of the G 500 4×4² increases to 450mm (17.7in) and the fording depth to 1,000mm (39,3in). The G 500 4×4² will arrive in Mercedes-Benz showrooms from December 2015.

As you probably know, all the other G-Class models have recently received improved interiors and powertrains. Besides the G500 4×4², the lineup now includes the G350 d, G500, AMG G63 and AMG G65. Orders can be placed for each of these models, of which the most “affordable” is the G350 d, priced from €89,922. The first of the updated G-Class models will arrive in German dealerships in September.


  • TheHake

    Damn! Why do I only have 2 kidneys?

  • Eunos

    This beast of a car will sell like hotcakes, among Arabs with petrol wells in their backyards, evil dictators and russian oligarchs.

  • NG212

    So it won’t be coming to the U.S.?

    With Mercedes making so many meaningful updates to the G-Wagen lineup now, I can only imagine what the 2017 model year variant will be like. There’s supposed to be a huge number of modernizing changes, even as it maintains the same basic shape.

    Just wanted to add that when Bentley and Range Rover fight over who will have the most expensive SUV on the market, it seems like both forget the G-Wagen–which may not be as luxurious, but nonetheless gets customers to shell out hundreds of thousands in some trims.

    • Kash

      except they’re not fighting for “Most expensive” SUV they’re fighting for “World’s Fastest” and most luxurious. Besides, other than G63 6×6 the Eterniti Artemis still starts at $300k USD at current exchange rates. tack on some options and you’ll easily hit 4 and 500k and the G63 6×6 isn’t really a SUV, it’s more of a pickup truck or offroader. the G500 4×4^2 might be able to hit 300 with options but if the base price is actually €226,100 then it’ll be about $250k so it wouldn’t be a long shot to hit $300k

      • NG212

        Bentley’s head, Wolfgang Durheimer, said, “We aim to solve this problem,” when discussing what he saw as the lack of SUVs costing above 130,000 pounds sterling. He has explicitly made clear he wants Bentley’s Bentayga to be the most expensive on the market. I hope he’s sitting down when he sees the Rolls-Royce Cullinan’s MSRP.

        Durheimer also said he wants the Bentayga to be the world’s fastest SUV, but that is not and has never been the focus of Range Rover. Rather, it is Porsche who is competing with Bentley on that front because they said they want the Cayenne Turbo S to remain the fastest on the market.

        The Eterniti Artemis is not a series production car. It is a Porsche Cayenne with a heinous bodykit. Besides that, they apparently went defunct in 2014 because of crushing debt. That doesn’t change the fact that they were a tuner, not a manufacturer. They’re as much of a carmaker as Mansory.

        Pretty sure I hit all the bases.

        • Kash

          Okay i missed his part about wanting the most expensive SUV.
          I will disagree with on Eterniti not being a manufacturer. They didn’t sell cars like Mansory did as a “Mercedes tuned by Mansory.”

          They renamed the car completely. Yes they used the Cayenne as a base, but that was it. They gave it a complete makeover from nose to tail and instead and out, including new badges. In fact they were classified as a manufacturer not just a tuner like Mansory is.

          • NG212

            Real carmakers actually build unique vehicles. They don’t overhaul products made by another manufacturer. I’m pretty sure most on this site would agree with that. But there’s a larger question of why an obscure, defunct company like Eterniti is relevant in conversation about series production vehicles sold in the thousands by major manufacturers.

          • Kash

            “real carmakers” So then Audi isn’t really real nor is Lamborghini. After all most of Audi’s lineup is just a supped up VW and the Lambo Huracan is just a supped up R8. In fact a lot of brands aren’t real carmakers. I mean Bentley’s entire range is based on VW’s. Rolls-Royce’s entire range is based on the 7 series, Lincolns are all based on Fords, Cadillacs are based on Chevy’s, and so on. That would also make Scion a tuner for Mazda since they did just basically take a mazda 2 sedan and turn it into their new compact sedan. At least Eterniti motors changed the cayenne more than Scion did with the Mazda 2. Eterniti made a very unique SUV, albeit based on a Porsche Cayenne, you can’t look at the styling and tell me that car wasn’t unique. What production SUV have you seen with the same style door handles as the F-type and Aston Martin’s? And just because a car brand doesn’t sell X-amount of vehicles doesn’t mean they aren’t a real car brand. Ferrari only makes 3k cars a year, DeLorean only made about 9k cars with only about 6.5k said to still exist. Bentley only crested 10k units in 2013 for the first time. To simply dismiss Eterniti Motors as not a real carmaker simply because they didn’t sell enough units by your standards is ignorant. I mean i constantly read comments from people on this site criticising brands for wanting to boost production and say they’re diluting the brand and the exclusivity. A lot of people would probably rather see Ferrari selling less cars every year than Eterniti did in their entire production run.

          • NG212

            There are so many inaccuracies here that it’s hard to know where to begin. Bentley’s Mulsanne is not based on the VW Phaeton. The Mulsanne is a bespoke platform. The Continental range is based on the Phaeton. The Phantom family is not based on the 7 series. The Ghost family is. The Phantom is on a unique platform. Cadillac’s RWD sedans were introduced before Chevy’s Camaro on the Alpha platform, meaning there was no preexisting Chevy for them to be based on. Ferrari builds 7,500 units a year, not 3,000. 3,000 is closer to what Lamborghini produces. Etc, etc.

            What you’re talking about is platform sharing and badge engineering–which are two different practices from what that irrelevant, bankrupt company you’re obsessed with did. I’m starting to think you were involved with the company in some way, because there are so few enthusiasts who even gave Eterniti a second thought, or considered it to be anything more than a tune-job and bodykit on a Porsche Cayenne.

            All that you’ve demonstrated is that you lack the nuance to craft a compelling argument without using straw man fallacies, the knowledge to substantiate your incorrect view with evidence, and also that you’re one of those car guys with really terrible, gaudy taste.

            You love the Eterniti so badly? Go drive one. It’d be a better use of your time.

          • Kash

            wow. hostile much.

            I just appreciated Eterniti for what they were, a luxury car manufacturer.

            If you’re gonna sit there and say Eterniti was nothing more than a tune job and body kit then what do you call the Buick Encore and Chevy Trax? Badge re-engineering? You know what that’s a fancy way of saying? Swap the badge and add some accessories. What’s the difference between the Cayenne and Touareg? A body kit. What’s the difference between the Ghost and the 760? A body kit. What’s the differenc between an Infiniti G coupe and the Vaydor Exotic thing? A body kit. What’s the difference between a lot of cars made by a lot of manufacturers? A different body kit and some added accessories. That’s all platform sharing and badge reengineering is. Eterniti did nothing different to the Cayenne than what Porsche did to the Touareg. Gave it a tune job and a body kit.

            My mistake for the wrong figure on that Ferrari thing and thank you for correcting me.

            You’re saying the Artemis was gaudy? I mean some parts yes, but the whole thing, overall, was far from gaudy. Gaudy was that solid gold trans am in the UAE that was up for sale. Gaudy is the vaydor Exotic kit car. The Aventador is gaudy. The Ferrari F12 TRS was gaudy. But i’m sure there are cars that i just mentioned that you won’t find to be gaudy. Anymore in terms of car design it takes a lot to be gaudy and different. To be gaudy requires aftermarket things like 32″ spinner rims, gold chrome accents, and a boeing 707 wing for a spoiler, or a mural of two snow leopards on the hood of your white C5 corvette or the “bolted” on body panels that ricers like to add to their cars to try and make them look like track-only cars when really they’re not. Anymore, gold rims on a blue Subaru isn’t even gaudy where a few years ago it was, purple rims on a purple car isn’t even gaudy anymore.

            Am i a car enthusiast? yes. Am i also a graphic designer and understand the world of design and understand why and how lines of design even in cars work and don’t work? Yes. Did i use cars as a focal point in my projects for school? Yes. Did i like the Artemis? Yeah. it had it’s high points. I didn’t LOVE the design because i wanted the rear roofline boxed out a little more more like the current X5’s, but that’s just me.

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