New Alfa Romeo Giulia: This Is Really It!

We bring you the very first pictures of Alfa Romeo’s all-new Giulia sports sedan, almost 24 hours ahead of the car’s official reveal, thanks to one of our readers.

This three-quarter rear image of the Italian firm’s BMW 3-Series rival not only confirms the name of the new model as Giulia, but also appears to show a performance edition of the sedan with a boot spoiler, black wheels, a rear diffuser, and very likely, twin-tailpipes on each side for a total of four, sexy looking tips.

Our tipster says that what we’re looking at he is the Quadrifoglio Verde (QV) sports model, and we think he’s right. We’d go on a limb and say that it’s probably powered by Alfa Romeo’s all-new, Ferrari-sourced V6 engine. The other powertrain announced by the Italian brand for the new Giulia is a next-generation turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline mill.

We’ll give you an update as soon as we find out more.

Thanks to “L” for the scoop!

Update: Click here for official photos and details check out the first video of the Giulia QV here

Photo Gallery

  • Zemus

    Great find and kudos to “L” for his leaking the photograph.

    Some good details in there. You can see the long hood, short deck, Alfa-style rims and the triangle QV badge above the front-fender vent. All nice details. Can’t wait to see the front end.

  • ejd1984

    I wonder if this new platform will be shared with other FCA divisions?

    • Ziga Radsel

      According to Marchionne this is supposed to be developed especially for Alfa Romeo but it would make sense to share it with other FCA divisions especially with Maserati which is supposedly currently having problems deciding on which platform to build Alferi.

      • The_Beast_

        On Quattroruote of June, there is an article about Alfieri, it says that they will not build Alfieri because the California platform (on which the Alfieri Concept is based) is too expensive and the Granturismo platform will not fit.

        • Ziga Radsel

          I’ve seen the article but I cannot believe they would miss such an opportunity. Seeing how “Giorgio” platform is modular and will underpin all future Alfa Romeos (C- to E- segment) and is being developed under the direction of Ferrari engineer Philippe Krief, it’s right up the alley for Maserati to use it for Alferi. We shall see what they’ll come up with in the coming months but I’am pretty sure they’ll be using it for Alferi.

          • The_Beast_

            I agree with you, they will be fools if they don’t build Alfieri, it is such a state of art car

  • Vincent

    Looks amazing…I appreciate the classical shape… bonnet, cabin, boot.

  • Awesome

    • Typos1

      Awesome ?? It looks like some sort of unimaginative, derivative, Jag/Mazda/E90 3-series mish-mash, with Maserati rear lights, “awesome” is not a word I d use, “massivley disappointing” is more like it if this is actually the real deal.

      • I’d wait to see the whole car before labeling it a disappointment.

  • Merc1

    OMG. Stunningly hot….. Now if it is fully developed car (unlike the Ghibli) they will have a winner on their hands. I know it will drive right, but what about the everyday aspects – quality/reliability.


    • gruppenfuhrer

      lets hope so it looks stunning

  • NG212

    Looks very cool so far, but I really need to see the front end.

    The tail is especially great — sculptured bumper, sleek taillights, a diffuser, and quad exhausts. I hope they don’t disappoint with the cabin.

  • Julien Lachemoi

    It looks like an Italian BMW M3. I like it quite a lot.

    • Mikoyan Gurevic

      AR always was better than German counterparts…

      Alfa Romeo is a greater name in Automotive and Racing industry than the Germans.

      • Merc1

        And a terrible car to own. Alfa Romeo’s name don’t mean much today in the U.S. where they want to sell this car the most. The Germans crush Italians in this area, no contest. Other than how it looks, drives and sounds, there won’t be much “better” about this car once the honeymoon is over.


        • Mikoyan Gurevic

          I agree with your statement, but soon AR will come come back to the North American market. The new start was with 4C… More models to come…

          I don’t agree with the term “terrible”, sorry pal you don’t have right. I’m not living in the US, but I have relatives which they owned until today various Alfa Romeos, since late 1960’s, when they first arrived to the States.

          • Merc1

            Well here they were a nightmare to own up until 1994 when they left.


        • Thomas

          What was the last Alfa you owned?

          • Merc1

            Didn’t have to own one when others I know did, that last 164 and a Milano before they left the U.S. Pretty JUNK. Now the new ones, we’ll see. Shouldn’t take but a year on the market to find out.

            How much do you want to bet Alfa will join Fiat at the bottom of every single quality/reliability survey imaginable?


          • Antonio Napoli

            ignorant. FCA has very quality standard.

          • Jonathan Clarke

            So you’re on here chatting rubbish about them, when you’ve never actually owned one. You’re going off a friend of a friend’s bad experience from 1994? Seriously, wake up. The last crop of Alfas are different beasts. The future crop will be even better. Plus it will beat rolling around in a soulless and boring German tin. All day long. I’ve worked for Mercedes, BMW and Audi, and their repairs are frequent and expensive. Definitely not all they are made out to be.

          • Thomas

            What was the last one you drove?

          • lyubohar

            You have very old/incorrect information, Mr Mercedes. Firstly, cars should be compared model by model, not brand by brand, let alone country by country. Any real petrolhead knows this. Secondly, show me the list of all imaginable quality surveys so that I can see that ALL models of FIAT/Italian brands are at the bottom. Cause my Italian car, for example, totally isn’t. In fact, it placed in 7th place (out of like 100 models) in a reliability survey of the most renowned GERMAN auto magazine. How about that? And thirdly – you clearly don’t get the point of driving an Italian car. And that’s fine, don’t be hard on yourself – it’s not for everyone. You have to be…how should I put it, connoisseur of cars; you need refined taste. Plus, we don’t want any second douche driving an Italian car next to ours (I’m not saying you’re a douche, just to make that clear)…

        • Carlos Ferreira

          Disagree. I’ve had BMWs and Alfas and although the build quality on the German cars a was better, I spent much more money maintaining and repairing them, whereas the issues I had with Alfas were always minor ones. Annoying, yes, but preferable to cracked engine blocks and failed main bearings. Yes, I had those with my BMWs. ….Never had any such problems with the Alafas…more like electrical switches failing and sensors not working.

          • Merc1

            Well BMWs don’t typically have those type of issues, at least not anymore.

            I don’t know how anyone could seriously compare an Alfa to any German car when it comes to build and quality.

            Even the Ghibli and Quattroporte of today don’t stand up to the Germans cars at those prices. Once you get beyond the look and sound they’re really not a match.


          • Antonio Napoli

            here another one. I know for sure that german cars don’t break so often, but when they brake, you need to buy a new one. I had only italian car, many small problem, usually handles alone.

          • Da Botz

            I agree with you, Carlos.

            I had a twelve years old, 2 liters Alfa Romeo Giulietta, in ’96, with 152000 km.

            She drove (wonderfully) me for three years, and the only issue I had was changing the exhaust (I didn’t drive it often enough, so water condensation tended to corrode it) and a couple of electric connectors (I fixed them myself, a quarter of an hour work).

            When my father died, I switched to his 2 liters Mercedes Benz W124 (it is so calm, it may be the reason I still have a driving licence), and sold the Alfa… I still used the car seldom, so I still had to change the exhaust after every couple of years, and the battery too, because the damn thing had central opening with a radio command that hogged a tiny bit too much current.

            When it reached the same 15 years the Alfa had, I had to change the clutch pump and the engine supports, and it developed a small issue with the electronic injection.

            I don’t see such an incredible difference in reliability, and the W124 is considered one of the most reliable Mercedes ever.

            It is just that Daimler Benz still sell spare parts for the W124…

            Ten years out of production, getting new pieces for the Giulietta was already getting impossible.

            – By the way , I promised myself that I’d never changed the W124 but for a new RWD AR sedan… I never thought that they would have ever built one again. Damn!

        • Jonathan Clarke

          “Other than how it looks, drives and sounds” – last time I checked, these features all make a fantastic car. So you’re contradicting yourself here.

      • Julien Lachemoi

        I have no interest in a “discussion” about what brand is better than the other.

      • Chuck_Knut

        LOL, yeah, it was always better.
        That’s why the M3 or even the standard 3 Series is the car that sets the standard when it comes to driving dynamics while the Alfas are clumsy FWD cars.
        Alfa Romeo fanboys are delusional.

        • heinz

          alfa 159 was the best car in this driving dynamic
          competition (11 middle class cars):

          • Chuck_Knut

            Exactly, in that competition.That is all.

          • Wandering_Spirit

            Have you ever driven one? Because i owned quite a few Alfas driven another few (and a few Germans too). With respect for German cars, quality of assembly etc., i wouldn’t change an Alfa for a BMW in terms of driving dynamics. If you have a chance, drive a 159 without any electronic control on a hilly road. Then take a same 3 series, without electronic controls and try to do the same. You may be surprised of what German cars are worth on the road without electronics. Good luck. The 159, GT, 156, 147 hold the road like a few others. With and without electronics……i couldn’t say the same of some German cars. No fan boy here. I like Japanese, Germans and others. If we talk building quality i bend to Germany. If we talk absolute performances (with electronics on) we’re still on Germany side (unless we go so high where Germany can’t reach if not buying Italian brands and designers, except for Porsche)…..when we talk driving dynamics, handling, road holding….you try an Alfa and don’t want to leave it anymore (despite the screaks and squeaks :-)). The 159/Brera screwed with engines (that horrible GM 3.2 done for the elderly instead of the Busso) and weight (or better, weight was ok for the car…they didn’t have proper engines on hand to put inside the cars…matter of budget).
            Still, some of those engines (2.4 5 cylinders diesel for example) were really a lot of fun on hilly roads. The 3.2 was “OK”….just a tad sleepy.

        • Carlos Ferreira

          A RWD 3 series is certainly better dynamically than a FWD 159, but that doesn’t make the Alfa any less great to drive. The FWD models handle as well as a FWD car could handle. You calling any other fanboys delusional while mentioning BMWs is very much like the pot calling the kettle black. Every cheeseball who blindly flocks to a BMW dealer to lease the cheapest thing with a BMW badge on it thinks he/ she has Veyron made of unicorn horns and powered by magic rainbows. A neighbor just bought an X1 and was praising its ‘superior’ RWD handling…

          • gruppenfuhrer

            an x1 obviously has no immagination

        • Stephen Baxter

          Your right about the 3 series being the standard.
          They just remember when things were different. Even some of the fwd Alfas of the 90’s were good for what they were,when they were.
          Hate the car, not the fans enthusiasm 🙂

        • Mikoyan Gurevic

          Dedicated to you… Best handling BMW’s…

          • Maurizio

            don’t judge a car by its drivers XD especially bmw drivers

        • tchirn

          The Giulia is RWD.

  • Christian

    Now we know that there is coming a new Dodge Compact saloon …

    • Ilbirs

      I also hope something like this. It’d be great to have a RWD everyday car from a non-luxury brand.

      • Maurizio

        except it is luxury lel

  • gruppenfuhrer

    if this is the new alfa , great ,it looks great from the rear hope the front looks just as stunning, now to teach bmw and merc how to build a car that looks stunning and drives as well as it looks , i need to win the euro millions tonight . imagine if the new ferrari 3.9 v8 twin turbo could fit in the engine bay !

    • ErisC

      Actually they’re co-developing with Maserati a 2.9L twinturbo V6 engine with 480 – 500 hp to use for the QV version. More than enough to take on Mercedes c63 amg and Bmw m3.

      • gruppenfuhrer

        lets hope so

      • Ziga Radsel

        Latest information is pointing to a 2.9 V6 twiturbo engine with 510hp, developed by Ferrari, which will supposedly be using it in future Dino.

        • gruppenfuhrer

          seems a lot of horse power for the size of car

        • ErisC

          Yes, it is derived from the 3.0L twinturbo used in Maserati Ghibli and co-developed from Ferrari and Maserati. So well, you can say that it is also developed from Ferrari, they’re in the same group anyway, so they can give a little help to each other 😀

          • Ziga Radsel

            It’s actually derived from a Ferrari V8 block, as it’s a 90°V6 and not a 60°V6 as in Maserati.

  • Ilbirs

    Stunning. The doors look a bit like a 3 Series, but the ends are unmistakenly Alfa Romeo. It’s not a problem make something that reminds the benchmark of the segment specially when we talk about a comeback of a brand that made just FWD passenger cars for more than two decades.
    I liked the tailpipes protruding from the rear bumper and the strange shape of the rear spoiler (maybe the recessed center part is due to some discover in the wind tunnel). The tailights are a bit Mazda-ish, but it’s not a problem as they fit nicely in the rear end.

    I hope that the mechanical bits are as nice as the well designed lines, just to erase the bad reputation of Alfa Romeo in this field. Obviously the majority of the people won’t drive the V6 one or a Quadrifoglio Verde version, so it’s good to have some good four-pot engines. The 1.4 Multiair Turbo is a good basic engine, while the 1750 TBi can match any 2.0 Bimmer or Audi. In diesels there’s no problem, as Fiat has some of the best units in production today, but could also have the same V6 found in the Ghibli, made by VM Motori.
    If it’s all well put, I guess we have a potential winner in this car.

    • gruppenfuhrer

      alfa has some of the best and most reliable engines out there , you just need to top up with oil every 1000 miles or so and get the cam belts done a few thousand miles before alfa say

    • The_Beast_

      The 1.4 MultiAir will be not under the hood because it”s developed only for front wheel drive and trasversal layout. Same thing for the 1750 TBI. For the V6 Diesel, I’ve red that will be not for the Giulia but for the 949 project, maybe in the future will be used in the Giulia but not immediately.

      • Richard Houlton

        The 1.4 Multiair is the rumoured power plant for the upcoming MX5 based Fiat/Abarth 124 Spider where it would be mounted N-S with a gearbox bolted to the back and RWD?

  • gruppenfuhrer

    it would be great to watch clarkson test this. sure he will love it

  • ItalianBusinessman

    The photographer already disappeared in the boot of a black Alfa 75 turbo, heading to a nearby construction site.
    This is how we do 😀

  • Six Thousand Times

    Looks like some of the renders were sort of close – as best as I can see from this shot.

  • photon_engineer

    More engine and general specs please. Twenty four hours is too long to wait.

  • James D’Ambra

    Man this aint nothing but a kia optima with a body kit.

  • mb

    I’m just wondering if I can part with my 159 for this :-s

  • Bojan

    Hmm, it looks like Kia, but I hope it looks better in metal. I can not wait until tomorrow to see the whole car, but somehow I believe it will be very hard to beat 159 looks…

    • Stephen Baxter

      159 did look good 🙂

    • Antonio Napoli

      please….do not insult..

  • Stephen Baxter

    Most interesting.
    Looks good, excited to see the reveal 🙂

  • Designerdrew

    I think 48 odd comments in 4 hours pretty much speaks volumes about the passion generated by this marque and by this model. Personally I have owned three Alfas, the first two being the Sud and the Sud Sprint, the Sprint could only turn left due to some huge chassis problem and the Sud’s passenger door fell off whilst I was driving around a roundabout 24 hours after I bought it! I bought a Mito last year totally for emotional reasons, hoping Alfa had got their act together and three days later all the electrics failed leaving me with a ‘drive only’ mode, and I was 100 miles from home. The reliability and build quality is truly sh*t, and much as you Alfa-heads may say that electrical reliability isn’t a ‘real’ problem, well actually it IS a HUGE problem on a £15000 car in 2015 – it’s an embarrassingly massive problem which my God Alfa should have sorted two decades ago – no excuses.

    • gruppenfuhrer

      electrics from bosch -german !

  • Jtecho

    is their such thing as an eygasim………………………… THIS IS BEAUTIFUL and it COMING STATESIDE!!!

  • dinn

    Absolutely stunning car. It looks amazing as 156 in the middle of 90’s.

  • Kash

    makes me think of the new XE, at least from these pics.

  • emjayay

    I always thought the last sedan to be sold in the US, the 164, was pretty cool. Beautiful 90’s interior too. It had as many buttons as a Porsche, only on the wall instead of all over the console. I guess the later ones were a little less challenging.

    A friend of mine had an old Spider, affectionately (?) called the Alfalfa Romeo.

  • The truth

    This is one ugly chrysler, that money should have gone to the rear drive dodge dart. Alfa new v6 is really a chrysler engine MODIFIED by Ferrari.

    • Remi Lövhöiden

      Ahhh – stupid me!!!!

      I really thought the Chrysler engines were designed by FPT originally……looking very similar anyway.
      Sure – Ferrari uses a Chrysler designed engine;-)

      • andi

        Seems logic or not? Laferrari is just so good because it has a chrysler engine 😂

      • Larry Novak

        Chrysler V-6’s and new transmissions are Daimler.

  • Tinky-Winky

    Does Alfa have the same designers as Kia? I hope the rest of the car looks more special than the Kia Optima-ish rear end.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    As an Italian i think this is one of the best rears Hyundai ever made… of the best 3/4 sides Seat ever made.
    However it’s Alfa we are talking…..the only Alfa part are the wheels and the lower side………
    If that’s an Alfa, and i have owned 3 to date, then next time i’ll settle for something else.

  • Richard Houlton

    Fingers crossed for Alfa with this car. But they are going all in with this car as a 3-Series/C-Class competitor at the same time that Jaguar are doing the exact same thing with the new XE. Both Jaguar and Alfa have said that the future viability of their respective brands are ridding on the XE and the Giulia. Their sales targets are similarly aggressive. They both have to win in the US market where Jaguar is a well established brand, and Alfa has been absent for 20 years! The new XE has been getting rave reviews, so this Giulia needs to be outrageously good. I hope, for Alfa’s sake, that it is.

    • gruppenfuhrer

      ye lets hope alfa tick all the right boxes here, it looks fantastic

  • gruppenfuhrer

    the QV going to have a 6 speed manual , i have read , not paddle shift rubbish

  • jjaayyzz

    Very uninspiring really, its a brand struggling to find an identity

  • Kiyoshi Manabe

    Her C-pillar has some reminiscent of the obsolete Korean “quasi-luxo barge” Daewoo Leganza of early 2000s. That would deteorirate the image of Alfa-Romeo’s newest premium D-segment or not; it is a sort of gamble, in my notion.

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