New Renault Sandero RS For Latin America With 145HP

Renault must have had an old pile of 2.0-liter 145 hp engines lying around when it decided to create the Sandero RS, because that’s what powers it.

Granted, it’s only destined to be sold in this configuration in Latin America, a market where engines such as this are still prolific among new cars.

It’s still a significant car nonetheless because it’s the very first RenaultSport model to be built outside of Europe. Aside from the bigger engine that’s hooked up to a six-speed manual, it gets a sports-tuned stability program, lower and stiffer suspension, revised steering and four-wheel disk brakes.

That’s literally all Renault says about it, but we can estimate that it will hit 100 km/h or 62 mph in 8-ish seconds and not have a very high top speed – probably no more than 210 km/h or 130 mph. Hopefully, it will corner well too

The Sandero RS 2.0 is pegged to be launched in Argentina early next year and it was revealed today at the Buenos Aires motor show alongside the Duster Oroch, another Renault that’s exclusively destined for Latin American countries.

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  • Simon Charreyre

    I think i quite like it. It looks like a very nice little car !

    • TheHake

      I agree it looks nice, but what a crap engine to put the RS badge on…

      • smartacus

        Renault should have given it their TCe200 engine (200HP 1.6T)

  • Ilbirs

    It’s the same engine used by the Brazilian versions of Duster and now Oroch, just with some little tweaks. As Renault of Brazil managed to put the 2.0 on the Duster, it was only a matter of time to transplant these developments to the Sandero, as it’s on the same platform. As the Mégane III hatchback isn’t sold in Brazil and Sandero in a certain way fills the gap if we consider its accomodations, a RS version could also steal some sales of C-sized hatchbacks sold there (Golf VII, Cruze, Focus. Bravo) but costing less. The main target to the RS is the T-Jet version of the Punto and some “emblem’s sport cars” of other makers (VW Fox Pepper, Hyundai HB20 Spicy, Fiesta Sport).

  • Nate

    Would be surprised if the Sandero RS’s 0-60 time was in the early 8s or even dipped pass the sub-8 second mark.

  • Julien Lachemoi

    It can’t be too hard to find a few extra 20hp in that engine.

  • Andrew

    Seems like your prejudgements about latin America are stronger than your objectivity in your article. Very proffessional! Another one thinking that outside europe finish the earth.

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