Porsche Built The 918th and Last 918 Spyder

Porsche has built the last 918 Spyder at its plant in Zuffenhausen, 21 months after the first units rolled off the assembly line.

The latest in a line of super sports cars from Porsche including the 904 Carrera GTS, the 959, the 911 GT1 and the Carrera GT, the 918 Spyder hybrid hypercar was a technology pioneer. Each of its predecessors brought something special to the industry. The 904 Carrera GTS featured a steel and polymer body to achieve low weight, the 959 introduced an electronically-controlled all-wheel drive system, the 911 GT1 paved the way for implementing carbon-fiber technology in production vehicles and the Carrera GT was the first production vehicle whose monocoque and subframe were made entirely of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP).

Even more than any of these famous predecessors, the 918 Spyder is a technology pioneer. With two electric motors working together with a 4.6-liter V8, an all-carbon body, fully variable aerodynamics and adaptive rear axle steering, the 918 Spyder is the most sophisticated Porsche production car ever made.

Porsche also brought innovations to the 918 Spyder’s manufacturing process. For example, the entire assembly process takes place with wireless tools, such as the battery-powered screwdrivers controlled via Bluetooth. Another specially developed solution is the highly-adjustable assembly elevating truck, designed as an ergonomic tool for finishing the two-seat monocoque.


  • Gustavo Adriano

    Is incredible how this Carrera GT do not age. it’s a car that I think it’s design will not oldfashion too soon. And about the 918, congratulations Porsche, is another beautiful art piece.

    • Vassilis

      And the noise of the V10. My god…

  • TheHake

    Seeing a 918 in the flesh is an experience! The attention to detail is sublime!

    • donald seymour

      Really? I’m jealous of you already. Tell me about it and be descriptive.

      • TheHake

        Without being inappropriate… it will be difficult!

        • That Ross Chap

          The Koenigsegg Agera and Corvette C7 in the background and the AMG GT to the side as well! You were very lucky and I am most envious

          • TheHake

            Those are just the beginning. There were 2 Enzos, 2 LaFerrari’s, a Veyron WRC, SLR Stirling Moss, and PLENTY of ofther great stuff! Oh, and that is a Agera R, the Agera sat to it’s left, out of picture… 😉

          • TheHake

            Like I said…

          • anonymous

            I’m officially jealous of you… D:

        • NG212

          Gorgeous 918. And that AMG GT S looks quite good.

          Really, the whole photo gallery looks like an awesome dream. Hope you have fun and thanks for sharing.

          P.S. SLR Stirling Moss!! When will we get a successor?

  • Eunos

    It’s pity how underestimated the 918 is. I don’t wont to be hater, but the LaFerrari and the P1 aren’t a match to the Porsche. More expensive, more powerful, more boasting about, but no matter what on the track they breathe Porsche’s dust

    • NG212

      All three of the hypercars are impressive and desirable, but the 918 Spyder impresses me the most. It does everything the others can do, but with the traction of AWD, the versatility of a targa top, and the luxury of an everyday Porsche. It’s a hypercar, but it’s also possible to daily drive it.

      And that AWD makes it quicker off the line (from the evidence I’ve seen), and faster around most tracks. I feel like Ferrari never wants to do participate in comparisons because they’re afraid the 918 (which is half the price, no?) will kick its butt. I’m convinced LaFerrari is the slowest of the three–just judging by Ferrari’s behavior when it comes to competitions.

      • TheHake

        The build quality is also fantastic!

    • Vassilis

      Saying any of those hypercars isn’t a match for another is a mistake. Each one of them has a different character. I think those that have driven all three choose the LaFerrari mainly because of its incredible engine and hybrid system and how it puts all that power to the rear wheels. The 918 is probably the best all-rounder but I’m not sure that’s the best approach to a hypercar.

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