Porsche May Sue China’s Zotye For Macan Clone

You know the Zotye T700 (pictured), it’s that Chinese crossover that looks exactly like a Macan. Well, Porsche doesn’t like that and it’s reportedly going to sue the automaker, although we imagine that’s going to be a heck of a task in China…

They’ll probably have just as much luck enforcing copyright as Land Rover did for that Range Rover Eovque copy – the Landwind X7.

Autonews Europe, which quotes a German publication called Automobil Produktion, says Porsche has declined to comment on this. Apparently, the news first popped up in the Chinese media, then it went to Germany and was later disseminated.

Zotye doesn’t just make one copied car, though, and we’re sure you’ve already heard of their Smart and VW Touareg / Tiguan clones. Those are already out, whereas the T700 is set to debut next year, costing just over a quarter of what a new Macan costs in China.

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  • Those are BMW M6 wheels.

  • pcurve

    this one actually looks pretty good lmao

  • Kash

    i like the headlights and rims on this one more than the actual Macan.

  • BlackPegasus

    Wow, China has no shame. Tisk Tisk..

  • PAn

    Zotye T700: the choice of every gentleman of good taste.