Scion xB Will Be Discontinued At The End Of The Year

This will certainly not come as a shock considering the Scion xB’s only update for the 2015 model year was a rearview camera. The Toyota-owned brand announced it will discontinue the boxy xB hatchback at the end of the year.

“The xB will be leaving the lineup at the end of the year,” Scion Vice President Doug Murtha told WardsAuto at the 2016 iA and iM media preview. Despite a drop in sales and an announcement in 2012 that there would not be a third-generation model, Scion kept the xB around. But 2015 will be the final model year for the xB.

Unlike the first-generation xB, which was the face of the Scion brand in its early years and sold 61,306 units in its best year (2006), the second-generation model was not a success. After increasing in 2012 from 2011, sales fell in 2013 and 2014, with just 16,583 units sold last year. For comparison, Kia delivered 145,316 units of the competing Soul in 2014.

So far in its final year of production the xB has been more popular, with 7,376 xBs sold through May, accounting for a 5.4 percent increase over the same period last year.

The Scion xB follows the Honda Element and Nissan Cube, with the Kia Soul remaining the last boxy model on sale in the United States. While the Scion iM hatchback will somehow fill the xB’s void, Doug Murtha says it is not a direct replacement of the model.


  • Bo Hanan

    Show of hands: “who thought it was still in production?”
    P.S. it’s a very comfortable car…

    • William Su

      Honestly I really love this car Ive always wanted it when I was a kid and It still want it now. I test drove it the other day, and It still is an incredibly comfortable car. If they bothered to source newer internal components the car would have stayed around longer. The scion IQ had a more efficient and reliable engine than the one from the xb and better transmissions too.

  • Mike Davis

    I can understand why. They needed to make room in the showroom for the 1990’s looking iM, and the horrific iA that looks like a cross between a Vacuum cleaner and a catfish. These 2 offering will surely rejuvenate the brand.

    • phatrob


    • Jacqueline Garcia

      haha just saw the iA so hideous.

  • Craig

    I really like cars like this. Too bad it’s being discontinued. Toyota/Scion is just giving up without a fight.

  • Cpt.Hindsight

    I own a 2006 and it has been a tank. It has got 140,000 miles on it and has only needed routine oil and once i had the battery die on me but otherwise it just wont die

    • Jacqueline Garcia

      Mine is a 2004 has 170,000 plus miles and still runs great. Great car.

  • xB guest

    I love my 2014 xB, hope nothing happens to it, since it now can’t be replaced ! I don’t want a Kia Soul..they are ugly and too small.

  • Maria Jette

    I have a 2005 with 150K on it– still runs like a top, and I plan to hang onto it until it dissolves (which I’m holding off via TLC). There’s no other vehicle which compares for visibility– if you’re a short person, the nasty little squinty rear windows of recent years are impossible to see anything through, and rear side windows are more and more that way every year. In the 1st gen xB, you’re in a nice spacious room with big picture windows. I like to see the death-seeking bicyclists hurtling at me while texting, and this helps.;-) I would buy a new one, if they still made this model. My husband has the 2008 (2nd gen), and that’s an excellent car, too, but they really cut down on window space in it, and made it a lot bigger– fine for him, not needed for me. Both cars are excellent for hauling people, dogs and things like musical equipment. My only gripe is about gas mileage, which has always been disappointing.

    One more aspect of the original xB which I loved from the outset seems never to be addressed: it’s the antithesis of all the aggressive, macho, snarling-grill cars out there. One thing I noticed immediately when I got my Clown Car was a reduction in people cutting me off. A silly car doesn’t provoke aggression in most people.

    So– I’m looking for a car with lots of window, more interior space inside than you’d predict from the exterior, and a goofy design that makes people smile rather than snarl.

  • phatrob

    This was a great car. I could get better gas mileage but it fun and pretty quick!

  • Jacqueline Garcia

    Why 🙁 I was thinking of buying A new scion XB since my 2004 Scion XB is old but love it. I couldn’t find a 2016 XB and now I am reading that they are discontinued. I think they should have made the new ones look more like the first generation. Ugh i am so sad. I guess I am going to look into the Jeep Wrangler now.

  • Mojoman

    i’m the original owner of a 2004 black cherry, Went to Pittsburgh and got it in Feb of 04 after sitting in one at the Chicago auto show. I never seen so many broken necks having the only one in the area for 6 months, ppl liked it or hated it. It is an easy to drive car and the back seat room is as big as the front, like a limousine for my 4th grader. Zippy my mom calls it. purchased many of the upgrades cheaply when they redesigned the 2nd gen, leather steering wheel, rear sway bar, Bazooka sub tube and fog lights. Almost 96,000 miles and still the factory Panasonic battery (don’t hex myself), I keep thinking of getting something else that’s faster or sportier but it runs too good, i think because it was made in Japan with pride. oh i replaced the water pump once and the charcoal canister when it had trouble to put gas in but that’s it. Great car for the money. I do find that people like to ride my bumper alot even when im going 10 over the limit, they see me as a little car they can take advantage of, such jerks cant see the red light up ahead either.

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