Take A Better Look At 2016 Audi A4 In 50 Photos And Videos

Pardon me if I’m not very enthusiastic about the all-new 2016 A4, but I believe Audi designers have once again “outdone” themselves in terms of making a new model look as similar as possible with the outgoing one.

To me, the 2016 Audi A4 looks exactly like a facelifted model, but maybe I’m wrong. Anyway, Audi has released more photos and a video of the all-new A4 which allow us to form a better impression.

The new model is up to 120 kg (264.6 lbs) lighter than its predecessor, despite the fact that dimensions have grown: it is 4.73 meters (15.5 ft) long and has a wheelbase of 2.82 meters (9.3 ft).

Boot volume for the A4 Avant is 505 liters (17.8 cu-ft), but with the rear seats folded down and loaded to the roof it increases to 1,510 liters (53.3 cu-ft). Audi says that’s the most of any premium model in this class.

The 2016 Audi A4 comes with the second-generation modular infotainment platform, which in combination with the MMI Navigation Plus gives customers the Audi connect hardware module, which connects to the Internet via the high-speed LTE network.

Another gadget is the Audi smartphone interface, which integrates iOS and Android mobile phones into an environment developed especially for this purpose – Audi MMI. In addition, the new available Audi tablet is responsible rear seat entertainment.

As you’ve seen from Zac’s post on the all-new A4, engine options in Germany include four- and six-cylinder diesel and petrol units with outputs ranging from 150PS to 272PS – but that’s before S and RS models are taken into account.

Audi says the all-new A4 makes a great leap forward in terms of handling, combining sportiness with comfort. The car benefits from redeveloped five-link axles and an electromechanical power steering. Optional features that enhance the driving experience include dynamic steering, which varies its ratio according to the car’s speed and the steering angle, and suspension with adjustable shock absorbers which allows the driver to select between two settings: sports or comfort.

Both settings are included in the Audi drive select driving-dynamics system, which is offered as standard for models with engines of 190PS and above.