This Is Very Likely Alfa Romeo’s New Giulia Sports Sedan

We believe these are some of the first spy shots of Alfa Romeo’s new BMW 3-Series rivaling Giulia wearing a production body. In the past, we’ve spied Alfa’s upcoming compact executive sedan in test mule form dressed in modified bodywork from the Maserati Ghibli.
The images that have been circulating on Facebook, paint a promising picture for the long-delayed replacement to the Alfa Romeo 159, with super-short front overhangs and a dramatic / sporty profile.

The last time Alfa disappointed its fans in regards to design in this segment was with the Fiat-like 155, as the 156 and its successor, the 159, received critical acclaim for their styling, so we’re not expecting anything less from the Giulia.

Their shortcomings were in other areas, which Alfa hopes to address with the new model starting from the engine bay, where it has already confirmed the availability of a new high output 4-cylinder turbocharged unit and a Ferrari-derived 6-cylinder engine, which sounds very tempting.

The new Alfa will be introduced in June (or so we hear) and go on sale in Europe later this year, before it purportedly (you can never be sure with Alfa Romeo) launches in North America next year.

Thanks to Autoitaliaevo and Alex for the tip!

*Note: the last image is a speculative rendering

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  • AstonMartin

    Looks nice even in camo form, I simply hope Alfa improves in the areas of fit/finish and ergonomics – a tall order but this could be that special competitor in its segment – something different in NA.

    • europeon

      Improve in the fit and finish area? Alfa’s fit and finish was right up there with the Germans lately, so please go back under whatever rock you’ve been living for the past 10 years and stop spreading this kind of misinformation.

      • Bo Hanan

        You are either 12 years old, or you’ve been under “that” rock that you’ve accused AstonMartin of being under. ALFA has a history of poor fit/finish/quality/warranty/dealer-support/etc. in this country. It’s what kicked/drove them out of the USA in 1995.
        They need, (read BETTER) be better when they return!
        This coming from 20 years owner w/ 3-GTV’6’s & a Milano-Verde to speak of.

        • europeon

          Who the f**k cares about you Americans? Your fat asses don’t fit anyway in European cars and your only way you apreciate refinement of the European car is because they are fairly expensive and you can show off with them

          And yes, I’m a 12 year old that till recently owned a modern day Alfa which I have chosen over a Mercedes just because of the fit and finish.

          The only way you could make your posts more offensive, is to call it an “alpha”. I really hope there is enough space for both of your fat asses under the rock I’ve mentioned early.

          • sabman

            Euros got my respect

          • AstonMartin

            To the 12 year old Euro trash – get a life. The truth is no one cares what you think as you smart off to anyone in the comments section whom you don’t agree with – cloaked by the web of course. Maturity may come your way some day – but I doubt it. Your not the Mayor of this blog and your input has never mattered. Btw, Alifie4, a 21 year Alfa Romeo owner agree’s with our thoughts as it relates to to fit and finish.

          • europeon


            I’m an Alfisti, I owned and drove modern day Alfas, you didn’t. You are talking shit about the cars I love, and that’s based on some impressions you have from Alfas of old. It’s like giving flack to Porsche or Ford for being nazis.

            All this Alfas-are-not-reliable bullshit must stop. I’m sick of all the smartasses that heard from someone that knows someone that has a friend who owns an Alfa, that they are unreliable and poorly built. They are just as reliable of every other car nowadays, and the build quality is áu par with the germans. Someone was saying that Giulietta’s build quality is poorer compared to 159, and that’s OK, because it’s a class below, and the same thing goes for say A3 vs A4.

            Anyway, I think people who read these comments should decide who to trust: a couple of American rednecks that discovered the internet and they have no first hand experience with the cars they’re throwing shit at (drooling at pictures doesn’t count, guys), or someone that not only owned Alfas, but at a point even decided to chose an 159 over a C-Klasse (or a 3 series for that matter).

          • Bo Hanan

            ….Ditto what AstonMartin said.

          • Alfie4

            Hi Folks!
            Don’t know what all the “Heat” is about, Alfas are unique, we want them to survive, but then do we want them mainstream so that every Tom Dick and Harry has one? But they need to sell in big numbers to survive (Sergio wants 400K sales pa!) 156 was released 18 years ago and stunned the world and its critics, but for various reasons (more than once mentioned above! reliability, bits falling off, engines blowing up, timing belts snapping, bad aftersales service etc. etc. etc. – I worked in an Alfa garage for years and in the motor industry for years as well) but Alfa (Fiat) never capitalised on it. 147 was better again, quality of maerials wise and build quality wise, but again was left to fend for itself. Regardless of size of car quality should be a constant eg a Polo is as well built as a Passat. Can you honestly tell me that the dash top/door cappings on the Gulietta don’t look cheap and nasty? 147 (12 years earlier released) had a flocked lined glovebox with lockable chromed handle. Wheel arches were lined with carpet to reduce noise intrusion, door cards were leather with leather seats fitted, not nasty vinyl like in Giulietta! Hard brittle plastics everywhere – now after 3 years of ownership starting to creak and rattle! Housing for the headlight adjuster flimsy and if prised would come off in your hand! Edging on dashboard where it was cut as rough as a bears a*~h!
            But all in all I still love it because its an Alfa and theres nothing else on the road that turns as many heads and looks so striking! Reliability is fine, as good as any of the rest.
            I hope this new “Guilia”, lets hope they call it that!, ushers in a bit more solidness ala 159 (nod to SAAB RIP) because the roads would be a bit more boring without ALFA ROMEO, – 400,000 sales is achievable, especially if the Americans take to the new Alfa products!
            Cuore Sportivo.

          • Longer Left Foot

            I’m glad you’re happy with your Alfa’s build quality. I have a 2013 Giulietta and its dashboard build quality is poor. It’s full of rattles and vibrations. Seemingly, based on the Alfa owners website, I’m not the only one who has these problems. The dealer has had 2 attempts at fixing but it seems they’ve made it worse. Frankly, the rattling drives me nuts to the point where I now prefer to drive our second car – Japanese built and perfect build quality. I’m a long term Alfisti who owned a true Alfa (Alfasud Sprint) in the early 80s. That has been my favourite car, even though it rusted to death in 8 years, but to drive it was magical. I believe that Alfas under Fiat mismanagement have been generally poor and the plummeting sales confirm that the market agrees. I love the look of the Giulietta but it’s not special like the Sud.

            I hope that the new RWD models live up to Alfa’s performance and handling traditions of about 4decades ago, but I can’t help but think that Fiat will find a way of screwing it up and condemning the marque to an inglorious demise like Lancia

          • Alfie4

            Sorry to hear that Longer Left Foot, sometimes us Alfisti might look at our cars through rose coloured spectacles! I’m praying that FCA don’t f*#k up this time – they haven’t been the best custodian of Alfa………

          • That Ross Chap

            I’ve been using this site for several years now and I respect the opinion of both @europeon and @AstonMartin – let’s not bring this down to petty insults over nationality or perceived maturity. I personally agree with the statement that Alfa Romeo’s are infamous for their panel gaps and their poor fit and finish, however it is possible that the vehicles that @european did not fit this perception, and the quality in Mercedes Benz products has been going down slightly so you never know.

          • Stephen Baxter

            Breath of fresh air. In a rather foul environment.

          • donald seymour

            Right On! Right On Sushi Ninja. Anyway @AstonMartin:disqus and @europeon:disqus we are eventually going to have a carscoop party so we will eventually see one another. Nevertheless, as Sushi Ninja has stated, I truly and whole heartily respect both of you and your opinions. And honestly, I don’t want see anyone of you guys acting like this. You guys and all the other commentators are the reason that I go to this site.

        • Alfie4

          As an owner and driver of Alfas for the last 21 years I have to say that while reliability is as good, if not better, than most mainstream manufacturers, Fit and finish and quality of my Giulietta is poorer than the 147 and 159 that preceded it – strange but true. Alfa was getting there in 2000 or so but (some) Dealer and importer back up let it down badly – mind you I am kinda excited by this scoop, looks very promising… Alfas last chance / now that Piech is gone from VW !

        • AstonMartin

          Thanks Bo! You got @ Euro before I could – some people have great responsibilities to tend to each day however your right, 12 year old’s can play online and make shrewd comments that are false in so many ways. This used to be a cool auto blog to leave one’s opinion however a few spoil it for the rest with their own far left sentiments and rude responses.

        • PAn

          BMW and Mercedes, now, are not properly assembled and reliable as before. However for USA market I think there are not many problems; european cars have better quality than american (I think); Chrysler 300 and Dodge Journey needed many adjustments to become criticizable Lancia and Fiat. European buyer are more esigent and the quality of Alfa Romeo is much improved (Giulietta and Mito) Ah….I forgot: I’m thirteen, can I speak?

  • haudit

    It looks vaguely reminiscent of a larger 156 with the cabin pulled backwards, and the front wheels moved forward by 7-8 inches. God bless RWD proportions.

  • melo

    I’ m so excited… I think the new alfa will be a bomb… a sexy bomb!

  • Stephen Baxter

    Excited to see this 🙂

  • Rich Money

    this is weird to say, given that it is wrapped in lumpy black camo, but it sure looks awesome.

  • Six_Tymes

    it better be really good because that segment has serious competition

  • Ilbirs

    Looks nice to me and by the size not that big (at least apparently) seems to me that FCA benchmarked the F30 3-Series in every aspect. In hopes that this platform gives birth to a hatchback by the size of a F20 1-Series to fill the future absence of a RWD car in this class, as the 1-Series will go UKL in next generation. Maybe a new Spider could be made on this basis.

  • Anonymus

    The photographer is Marco Risi.

  • Mike Gonzalez

    the overall shape seems to be very similar to current 159 which is something i definitely didnt expect… hopefully we see some evolution as camo comes off

  • BUM

    I hope it would be as sexy as 4c.

  • Craig

    THE very first word that came to mind when I saw that side profile was ‘NEON’.

  • gruppenfuhrer

    lets hope it don’t have the horrible steering wheel the giulietta has,

    • Stephen Baxter

      Yes! Let us hope it doesn’t 🙂

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