Unpainted Carbon Fiber Enzo Looks Astonishing

400 Enzos were made available by Ferrari, but only a single one comes without a paint-job, exposing its carbon fiber body for the world to see.

This extremely rare car was presented by redditor l0_0I (awesome name, by the way), which also mentions that the beast was completely rebodied by Carrozzeria Zanasi.

That means the whole original body was replaced by aftermarket parts, but that’s not as bad as it seems. Carrozzeria Zanasi works very close with Ferrari and actually handles additional work for the factory. Why? Because this little company is Ferrari’s official “body shop” and besides repairing damaged Italian stallions, it also has a paint shop and a customizing shop.

So, there’s no doubt about it that Zanasi works on a high level to suit Ferrari’s needs, which means this carbon-fiber exposed Enzo is as good as it gets (I prepped some additional videos down below if you don’t believe me).

The car looks the part and although the side windows are tinted, we can see through the windshield that it has a rosso-corsa interior. The wheels are almost certainly made from carbon fiber as well, even if the red stripe screams that it wants to go back to 2008.

The F40 was the only Ferrari that had its entire carbon fiber body barely visible. The coating was so thin, you could actually see the carbon-fiber creases. This Enzo takes it to a whole different level, though.