Unsubstantiated Rumor Says Next Toyota GT86 Might Use Mazda MX-5 Chassis

As we still wait for the first sign of Fiat’s 124 Spider, a new report / rumor now says that the Mazda MX-5 platform will be also used for the next generation of the Toyota/Subaru twins, the GT86 and BRZ.

The deal between FCA and Mazda has been reportedly finalized and the outcome will be a Fiat-branded two-seat roadster which will use the chassis from the new Mazda MX5, with the Italian company to install its own powertrains and design an entirely new body for it.

Take this with a few grains of salt, but according Australia’s Motoring, Toyota has been examining the possibility of using the MX-5’s chassis for the GT86 successor with rumors saying that the Japanese company has already tested it.

The same report says that the next GT86 will use a more compact and lighter platform with power coming probably from a downsized turbocharged engine, so the rumors might prove solid.

After all, President Akio Toyoda is personally backing the GT86 successor while we are still waiting for the first evidence of Toyota’s notorious sub-GT86 RWD sports car as a source also said that the company is in the final stages of completing its chassis. This is also why the decision about using or not the MX5 platform is still pending – always according to the report.

Mazda and Toyota have already agreed in mutually sharing their technologies, with the first allowing the use of its Skyactiv engines and the second to share its plug-in hybrid and fuel cell tech.

It certainly doesn’t make much financial sense for Toyota to use Mazda’s platform since they are developing one of their own, but we have to wait until we find out more about their alleged new baby sports car in order to better understand what’s going on.


  • fabri99

    Oh great, so then, in 2017 we’ll have:
    Toyota GT86
    Scion FR-S
    Subaru BRZ
    BMW Z2
    Mazda MX-5
    Fiat 124
    as contenders in the small sports car class, but the first three are basically the same car, the last two are very very similar(FCA and Mazda are sharing platforms and stuff), the Z2 will be made by BMW with the help of Toyota and Toyota and Mazda will share the same platform… WTF!?

    • smartacus

      Didn’t they say the Z2 was canceled?

      • fabri99

        I hadn’t heard anything about it, but I googled and yes, the Z2 has been canceled with the i8S, the M7 and the 9 Series.

    • Obsequious Lickspittle

      Hah! Wait till FCA finds a “partner”.

  • Duke Woolworth

    An MX-5 with more ponies? Yessssssssssss!

  • smartacus

    Don’t be surprised if they make Toyazda twins !

    -FIAT124 will be a dud beyond a few brand name slaves who buy ALPO because it sounds Italiano

  • Mike Gonzalez

    hmmm as long as the next GT-86 keeps the 2+2 configuration i’m fine…

  • Justin Spencer

    Why can’t Toyota get its head out of its a** and just build its own sports coupe??? They’ve built generations of the Celica and Supra. They did pretty well with sportier versions of the Corolla in its day. Even the Paseo was pretty cool for something based on a Tercel….and then they made convertible versions of everything too! These days, squeezing a damn sports car out of Toyota is like squeezing blood from a rock….and even then all you get is something that was really built by Subaru.

    • Obsequious Lickspittle

      Coz the kidz love their SUVs with wifi and iPad touchscreens and “wacky” looks.

  • Bo Hanan

    Big win for Mazda.

  • Bananarama

    Soooo the whole segment will basically be riding on the same platform? Weird.


    Will the BMW roadster at least be a unique chassis?
    I guess that means we’ll need to wait for Honda to put out a new S2000 to see any major differences in segment platforms (10 mores years of waiting?).

  • Nate

    In the case of a next generation Subaru BRZ based on the Mazda MX-5, along with being available as a proper coupe bodystyle would love to also see such as car make better use of the new 170 hp 1.6 Flat-4 Turbo currently powering the much heavier Subaru Levorg (albeit as an entry-level unit).