Watch Tesla Model S P85D Try Its Best Against Drag-Ready American Muscle

Oh, those sneaky Tesla Model S P85D owners sure know how to turn things in their favor.

Seriously, a 1/8 Mile drag race? What’s next, a few feet?

Still, it is pretty fascinating to see all those tuned classic American muscle cars (sure, pick-up trucks included) dart off the line about as fast as the P85D – it just goes to show how much of a monster the Tesla is when it comes to straight line accelerating over short distances.

Spread that drag race over a longer distance and, well, you know what will happen. You saw the P85D get monstered by the Audi RS7 as well as other less powerful cars.

But if short distances are your thing, you can’t go wrong with the P85D. There’s nobody that’s going to beat you to the next intersection if you’re driving one of these things.

So who wins this American muscle vs. American Electricity “debate”? It would seem that the Tesla made it all the way into the Semi Finals, but that race against the blue Chevelle was really cool.

The video is definitely worth checking out.