Alpina May Build Hybrids In The Future

Hybrid technology was implemented in modern motoring as a way to reduce consumption and pollution, initially.
However, some car manufacturers turned it into a performance-enhancer for high-end sport automobiles. In other words, not only does a hybrid powertrain help the planet, but it also helps a sports car perform like a mad, wild, technological beast.

In fact, many sports-oriented car firms are interested in developing a performance-hybrid and that’s why Alpina won’t say no if the opportunity arises.

But for this to actually happen, BMW must first built a hybrid car to Alpina’s liking, as Andy Bovensiepen – Alpina CEO – stated to Autocar magazine:

“The thing we have to remember is that our customers like to drive quickly and they also buy our cars to be used daily. And hybrid technology hasn’t been good enough for that up to now. The danger is that the car is terrific for 200 miles, but then the small battery runs out and for the rest of the journey you have a disappointing drive.”

“If we have a good technical base of a car from BMW and we also see the sales figures taking off, then we could have a car ready within two years.”

Picky, aren’t we? That’s why an i8 is out of the question – It may be a fast hybrid, but its main ingredients are not found on Alpina’s regular recipe.

As we all know, Alpina cars are now assembled and built on BMW production lines, which make these stylish, meaty performance cruisers an interesting alternative to regular Bimmers. Still, we’re pretty sure BMW has a couple of 356 Hp hybrids in its line-up. So what if they’re heavier and don’t sell that well?


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