Ayrton Senna’s Toleman-Hart TG184-2 F1 Car Is Up For Sale Again

Finding an Ayrton Senna driven single seater with a “for sale” sign is quite a rare occurrence.

In fact, finding a regular Formula 1 car for sale is quite tricky, since they don’t just pop-up everywhere. That said, this particular Toleman-Hart TG184-2 was offered for auction in 2012, but it didn’t meet its £500,000 reserve. Still, here it is, 3 years later, ready to be auctioned off for £1,000,000. Double the money, but why has it increased in value?

Well, the car had the right ingredients all along. Although not very recognizable for the average petrolhead, the Formula 1 diehard aficionados knew its potential to begin with.

Driven by the late Ayrton Senna in his 1984 Monaco debut-race, the car finished in second-place during the excruciating Grand Prix. The thing is, Senna was actually ahead of all his rivals, in first place, but the race was red-flagged at the end of the 32nd lap due to heavy raining.

Furthermore, a controversial decision to base the final positions on the last lap, before the race got cancelled, meant that Senna lost to Alain’s Prost McLaren.

Nonetheless, the car is considered the launching pad in Senna’s career, as the brilliant Brazilian showcased his skills against Ferrari, McLaren, Lotus, Renault, Williams, Brabham and Ligier on a soaked circuit. The underdog has proven himself and now, the car needs to prove its illustrious value in a sale.

The F1 is in an exceptional condition, as described by James Edition, and retains its original Candy livery. In its £1,000,000 price tag are included a full set of studio photographs and a re-commissioning; just to make it usable again.