BMW i8 Looks Almost Static In Drag Race Against Tesla Model S P85D

After showing you the dashboard displays of the Tesla Model S P85D and BMW i8 side by side under acceleration, in which the Tesla edged out in front, we now have an actual drag race between the two.

As previously observed, the Tesla is in a different league compared to the BMW, thanks to having more power and the seamless delivery. You can see how the latter loses surge with each gear change.

Whichever way you try to turn it, the i8 is simply not a match for the P85D. However, as a quick web search will reveal, an i8 is still faster than a regular Model S P85 that’s rear-wheel drive only; it’s the extra power of the dual-motor setup that makes the big difference you see in the video.

Scroll down and check it out below.

via Drag Times