F15 BMW X5 Gets ‘xHawk5’ Wide Body Kit From A.R.T [45 Pics]

If you’re looking for sporty looks and handling in a full-size premium SUV, the BMW X5 is, generally speaking, as good as they get.

I love it that sometimes you guys talk about how I’m such a “widebody kit” fan boy. It’s true though. I like cars that stand out in a good way, with well proportioned wheels and add-ons, tasteful colors and better road presence.

If the build is tasteful, I’ll probably drool over it for a little bit because I like to think that at least some of the people that end up owning these cars are enjoying them because they love performance and they’re still youthful enough to understand that the meaner the car, the better it looks – it’s definitely a childhood thing.

I’m usually drawn to models that some people don’t find elegant enough precisely because they look grotesque and imposing, they have this “in your face!” attitude about them – think first gen Cayenne, X6 or even Audi A7 (that rear end is horrible yet awesome at the same time).

In this case however, the F15 BMW X5 is actually a very good looking car in and of itself. It doesn’t really strike you as exaggerated in any way. So then what about this body kit from German tuner A.R.T? Does it work?

In a way yes, obviously. Called the ‘xHawk5’, it features a redesigned front spoiler, additional LED lights, a custom rear bumper and of course the wide body bits.

Even though I can appreciate the work, there’s just something about the rear wheel arches that seems to offset the look of the entire car – in a not so good way, obviously. The 22″ custom wheels look great though.

You can also get custom brakes, better suspension and power upgrades for the diesel units as optional extras.

Overall, yeah, it’s not bad but wouldn’t you rather have this thing instead?