Ferrari LaFerrari Pops Up For Sale For An Incredible Price

It’s pretty hard to get your hands on a very limited and exclusive Ferrari La Ferrari, but not impossible.

Ferrari’s latest flagship – like previous high-end models – was reserved only for the most exclusive customers. Furthermore, the potential 499 buyers had to meet some criteria and sign a contract preventing them lending the car to 3rd party independent testers and flipping it for a profit, right after purchase.

But when you’re a 1 percent-er who gets easily bored, you don’t give a hoot about Ferrari’s policy; that’s why a ton of them have surfaced with a “for sale” sign lately. Of course, spending an extra million just to get your desired rare automobile isn’t that unusual in the collector’s world, but everything comes with a common sense limit. Or at least it should.

This beautiful nero-colored example can be found at Naples Motorsports and is up for grabs for an obscene $5,000,000. That’s 4 times the sticker price a new one had, but hey; it’s the only one for sale in North America, as the site states.

There’s nothing unusual going on with it. It has only 202 miles (325 Km) and the engine is the same hybrid V12 making a combined power output of 963 horses and 900 Nm (664 lb-ft) of torque. But I can’t help thinking that $5,000,000 is just too much.

Yes, the car’s price will eventually rise, but in a normal rate of growth it will take more than 10 years to double in value. Take the Enzo, as an example; it started life as a $650,000 car in 2003 and now it’s being sold for somewhere in the region of $1,800,000 – that’s an average. Of course, some low millage or celebrity owned examples were known to top the $2.5 million mark, but fortunately a couple exuberant cases don’t establish the market price.


  • dumbfuck

    idk why but this one looks ugly af

    • donald seymour

      I think because it going the opposite direction of what it was created to do. Its supposed to be radical and racy, not luxurious.

    • MJack

      Ferrari’s halo car used to be about insanity…the 288 GTO (Class B rally car for the road)…the F40 (Carbon fiber tub with a twin turbocharged V8)…the F50 (a V12 bolted onto the chasis). The Enzo and La Ferrari just don’t do it for me either.

    • Cassonava

      I think its the best one I’ve seen. Clearly just a matter of taste.

  • pcurve

    The black color isn’t doing it for me… maybe the owner didn’t like the black either. lol

  • Alex AJ

    you forgot to mention this is #1 / 499. that would add to the price.

    • donald seymour

      Actually, I could be wrong, but I believe 1/499 means 1 out 499 and not the first one of 499.

      • theqza

        Yeah I believe they all say 1/499

        • TheHake

          Correct. Exactly to counter some becoming worth less than others because of the number.

          • Alex AJ

            False advertising 🙂

          • TheHake

            Yeah I’m not buying one!

  • TheHake

    Why would you buy a car with the sexy lines of a LaFerrari in black? Buy it in a colour that shows off the lines!

  • fabri99

    That’s a no, thank you.

  • dubfun

    Absolutely stunning. And a 9000 rpm red line. Can I stop drooling now?

  • smartacus

    i wanna buy a LaFerrari, but i wanna pay MORE

  • Cassonava

    5 mil for Ferrari’s first ever hyper car is a steal. These cars will probably be worth more than 50 mil once the electric only vehicles start coming out of the factory in a few years.

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