First Recorded 2016 Mazda MX-5 Crash Happens Minutes After Delivery

It’s a new car owner’s worst nightmare; crashing your ride just after taking delivery from a dealer and it happened to a Miata Forum-member known as SCSM this past Saturday. But don’t fret just yet, as this story has an unexpectedly good ending.

SCSM and his wife went to the Tom Bush Mazda dealerships to pick up their new 2016 Mazda MX-5 Launch Edition in Soul Red, one of only 1,000 coming to the States.

Little did they know that, moments after, they would be involved in a crash, as about a mile away from the Jacksonville, Florida dealership, a Ford F-150 rear-ended the spanking-new MX-5 pushing it into a car in front. The owner and his wife suffered some light injuries, while the car was heavily damaged – more so than what the pictures suggest, as the uni-body was reportedly bent from the impact.

Things looked gloomy for the owner, as he’d have to wait for the insurance companies to settle it out, something that could take a while, but Mazda North America surprised him a couple of days later with a call in which they informed him that they would send a replacement!

As pointed out by our friends at Jalopnik, Mazda had no real obligation to do anything from the moment that the accident happened after the owner took delivery of the car and left their premises, so they deserve praise for their swift gesture (and smart thinking – unlike these guys).

Here’s SCSM’s posting on the Miata Forum:

“What a whirlwind these last 3 days have been for my wife and me! Our new LE was finally here and ready for pick up on Saturday, the 18th! Was trying to beat Mark out west and the time zones were working our favor, but I believe he got his a bit earlier. But we were right up there as one of the early owners in starting our new adventure with the ND.

Then, at around 4:00 PM or so, BAM. BAM, and our beautiful new LE was no more. We were shaken, Joanne took a ride with the EMT’s to the hospital and I was left dazed, amazed, stressed, and what ever emotion one could experience. I also quickly realized that we were both still alive and functioning, thank you up there!!!

Sunday was depressing indeed, I went to the Care Spot facility to be checked out, and we were preparing for the worst of a long, contentious battle to get things right again, and minimize any additional hassles. Glad Sunday was over….

On Monday I spoke with my dealer, Tom Bush Mazda, and they were hopeful that things could be made right if a few things came together. By late yesterday, they had!!!

Then, yesterday afternoon, I received 2 calls from MNAO informing me that my name was on a replacement LE 6MT that is in transit and will dock in Jacksonville around August 15. On to Tom Bush soon after that.”

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After hearing about one of our customers getting rear-ended just minutes after picking up their new Miata, Mazda is sending out a replacement next month! #LongLiveTheRoadsterPosted by Tom Bush Mazda on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

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  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    Well done Mazda. Happy customers are usually repeat customers.

  • I think they were trying to increase the drag coefficient!!!

  • Christian

    Still, waiting a month for a new one.. Mann, must be a hard one!


    • FlameWater

      They have the technology…

    • Aj

      it’s a special edition vehicle, not a limited production

  • eb110americana

    Put a sexy fastback roof on the MX-5, and I will buy one Mazda. Money where my mouth is. No joke.

    • Jerry Hightower

      I’ve been pushing for a fastback roof for years. They did it with the Pontiac Solstice (too late) and the Chrysler Crossfire.

    • McF1

      It would be a smart move if Mazda did do a fast-back of the MX-5. There definitely would be additional sales for Mazda. And by all rights the fastback would be lighter, and would probably be a better handler. It is surprising that after all the years of manufacturing the MX-5 they have not introduced a fast-back MX-5. Porsche had the Boxster in 1996 and then 9 years later they did the Cayman, whilst Mazda had the MX-5 in 1989, and still no fast-back.

    • Grumpy

      I would def buy too.

  • Ken Lyns

    To be clear, Mazda didn’t give him a replacement. Mazda reserved another MX-5 in limited-edition trim in his name. His insurance money will be paying for it:

    “MNAO, at a pretty high level, and our dealer were able to work out a plan to separate our damaged LE from the opportunity to obtain a replacement in a timely and low (no) cost way. Our insurance provider, State Farm, and the F150’s provider, Progressive were already working together to resolve the damaged LE quickly. Because the car was so new, and not yet in the “system” (no documentation had yet been submitted), I was able to separate from that LE legally. Whew!”

  • Islandman

    First Class Act, Mazda!

  • J Hod

    Too bad for the owner. but Big applause to Mazda, theyve been doing exceptionally well with everything they do no wonder sales are damn high (in certain countries)

  • Toss

    a facelift so soon?

  • fabri99

    Lol now it looks like this:

  • rover10

    The devil in me finds this a bit amusing, though for the poor owner it’s far from that. However, if you were to write a comedy film with this as a storyline, it would get a laugh….sorry.

  • Patrick Ford

    Smart dealer. Very smart.

  • Gareth Siew

    I pretty sure that that F-150 owner is the Miata hater

    • disqus_fikVYdMc0U

      Ford be’s hatin on Da Mazda eva since deys be partin ways. Why’s I gotsa be speaking da Ebonics? I don’ts know whys. Makes it stop, makes da ignance stop!!!

      • Gareth Siew

        I said so because of 1 thing: almost all Miata haters are the big V8 fans, and in this case, this F-150 is most likely a V8

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