Lambo Aventador Vs. Huracan Re-Match Is Pretty Close

After witnessing the 610 PS Lamborghini Huracan hold its ground against a 730 PS Aventador, this time we get to see what happens when both cars are stock instead of just one.

The Lamborghini Huracan is about 150 kg (330 lbs) lighter than the Aventador, but is also down on power by roughly 90 PS. With all things being equal, any drag race between the two should be, at least in theory, very close.

A few months ago, we saw a slightly tuned Aventador beat the Huracan convincingly, yet not by too much. The Aventador had 30 extra HP thanks to a Capristo Stage 1 tuning kit, which obviously meant that it was far from being a fair fight.

This time however we have a proper re-match on our hands, both cars stock, ready and willing to go.

The Huracan actually gets a better start off the line and stays in front of the Aventador before the difference in power becomes too much for the baby Lambo to overcome.

Even so, the difference between the two cars when going flat out is obviously negligible, with the Aventador pulling ahead as both cars get closer and closer to their respective top speeds.

The Huracan covered a 1/4 mile in 10.8 seconds, whereas the Aventador needed 10.5 seconds, so we’re looking at just a 0.3 sec gap between the two cars.

The more powerful Aventador did put roughly half a second between itself and the Huracan by the time they crossed the 1,000 meter marker – it was always going to be the winner.


  • pcurve

    vw engineers did their math right.