New 2016 Lexus LX Photos Reveal Updated Profile And Interior

The Middle East is proving to be a valuable source of information on the revised 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser and its more upscale twin, the 2016 Lexus LX.

After capturing the facelifted Toyota Land Cruiser last week, Instagram user hamad1two3 nabbed some pictures of the latest iteration of the Lexus LX 570 that has received a makeover both inside and out.

Parked behind a current, 2015 LX 570, was a dark blue 2016 model with its front and rear ends partially concealed under plastic wraps. From this picture, we can see that the third side-window has been redesigned featuring a sharper kink, while the rear window, and most likely, the tailgate, are also new, as are the alloy wheels.

The interior photo is far more revealing with the 2016 Lexus LX gaining a brand new dashboard with a large free-standing display for the updated infotainment system, a three-spoke steering wheel and backlit instruments, all of which bring it in line with the firm’s latest design language.

It’s worth mentioning that what we see here in these photos match the renderings that surfaced online just a few weeks and which are believed to have been sourced from Japan.

H/T to rgreh!

Photo Gallery

  • donald seymour

    Those air vents are disappointing. They should be more horizontal and linear, than some ovals. Other than that, I like what I see.

    • Matt

      Other than the air vents? Really? the whole interior is a styling disaster.

      • Rasta_Farian

        “Other than the air vents? Really? The whole interior [and exterior] is styling disaster.”

        There – fixed it for you! 🙂

      • Atty Halmágyi

        The whole interior looks cool to me. It is a matter of taste. The current one looks a little bit ugly to me.

  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    Have they just given up designing and now stick sheets on the cars as a facelift?
    If so, it’s an improvement.

  • Kash

    I hope that screen can be split in a way. I do like it though. everything looks nice.

  • pcurve

    Lexus used to be benchmark for dash ergonomics. What the hell happen to that?

  • H.I.M Kemfon Ukpanah

    I Still believe that this is the GX Facelift. If you look at the 2015 LX In front, wrapped car has noticeably smaller dimensions. The tire width is narrower and the rear window appears smaller. Also in terms of the side profile, it shares the profile of the current GX/Prado and not the LC200 on which its based on. However it could be actually the new LX. The similar width when compared to the 2015 LX in front in the image 3 , width of the seat and center console armrest, the placement of the A-Pillar speaker, the winged design of the center console, the height from the carpet to the top of the dashboard, the door panels and size of the side mirror. If indeed it’s the new LX, it will be a very radical and controversial departure from the usual similarities to the LC 200

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