Rumor Sees Apple’s iCar Sharing BMW i3 Tech

According to rumors posted by Germany’s Manager-Magazin, that Apple is eyeing the underpinnings of the BMW i3 for its purported iCar.

In particular, Apple is reportedly eyeing BMW’s carbon-reinforced plastic structure and probably additional car-building know-how too. This hasn’t been confirmed, but it is said Apple and BMW are still negotiating some kind of tech sharing deal, although talks officially ceased.

Analysts are still skeptical as to the arrival of an iCar any time soon, although it was stated that it was Steve Jobs’ personal dream to have one made.

On top of that, Apple is well aware that with the power of its brand it can literally sell anything just as long as it meets a certain level of quality they’re aiming for and one that fits in with the rest of their products.

Either way, making it out of something fancy like CFRP or actual carbon fiber maybe would be a step in the (premium) direction that I’m sure Apple would like to go in. Since the source report specifically mentions the i3 and not BMW’s advanced materials in general as a point of interest, it could mean the iCar may be about the same size when and if it comes.

via BMW Blog, Rinspeed Budii pictured

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