Some FCA Execs Are Reportedly Asking Marchionne For A New Lancia Delta Integrale

We really hope these are not just rumors and the day will come when we’ll see a new Lancia Delta Integrale.

Apparently, a number of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles executives are asking for an all-new Delta Integrale as one last attempt of reviving the brand.

According to a report from Autocar which cites sources from within FCA, there’s talk at the highest level about reinventing one of Lancia’s most iconic vehicles, the Delta Integrale. Many FCA executives reportedly believe it would be a big mistake to allow Lancia to disappear while the Delta Integrale brand still exerts fascination.

Unfortunately, FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne isn’t among those executives who believe resurrecting the Delta Integrale would be a good idea. His plans to wind down Lancia are well-known and at the moment he is more interested in reviving Alfa Romeo (rightfully so). Therefore, he is likely to see a new Lancia model as a distraction.

The Lancia Delta Integrale’s success in video games is a testimony that it still has a large fan base, despite the fact that the last model was built in 1994 (the HF Integrale 16v Evoluzione II). The Gran Turismo 6 game features a number of historic Lancia models, including the Delta Integrale, an Integrale rally car, the Delta S4 and the Stratos.

I guess the question here is not about fans wanting a new Delta Integrale, but rather if it would make it on a market that has significantly changed since 1994. It’s probably wiser for FCA to wait and see if the Alfa Romeo revival plan is successful before engaging into a new Lancia adventure.


  • DMJ

    Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Maserati have to be heathy and with a full range before FCA has conditions to invest in Lancia.

    • fabri99

      sad but true.

  • Randy Terpstra

    The great Lancia’s mentioned in the article, were developed for one reason. Homologation of the racing versions. Unless FCA plans to return to the WRC, with a Lancia, a return of the Delta Integrale would only dampen the historic image of Lancia, not enhance it.

  • TheHake

    The current Delta is a complete disgrace to the Delta name. It has absolutely NOTHING in common with the car we love.

    • PhilLC

      its dead also. It was not such a bad car but the Delta name gave it more negative press than positive as everyone was comparing it to the Integrale instead of the prosaic Delta which initiated the nameplate

    • Vassilis

      It’s beautiful though.

      • TheHake

        You’re kidding right? Please be kidding…

        • PhilLC

          it has not aged at all in look since it was launched; look at any Audi, BMW or whatever else you wish from 7 years ago and compare.

          • TheHake

            I agree it hasn’t changed. It was dead ugly then and it’s dead ugly now!

          • jazzman

            Stick a sock in it.

            You have no clue.

        • Vassilis

          I’m dead serious. It’s beautiful.

          • TheHake


          • PhilLC

            I think it looks OK; what annoyed me was that they used the same dashboard as for the Fiat Bravo, which undervalued it and made it pretty obvious that it was a tarted up Fiat. Didn’t help its chances at all – they might have saved some pennies but otherwise an own goal

  • Techie69

    The superbeast of rallye,.Lanvia rotting away under Marchionne with possible elimination as a brand according to him like the infamous Mercury cars .

  • Six Thousand Times

    Loved the Integrale but as with the Stratos, the infrastructure just isn’t there at Lancia anymore to make this happen.

  • MarkoS

    It would be hard to place a revived Lancia in the FCA line-up lineup. I think the Lancia name does still have some credibility it would be a good brand for V.W. AG to place between V.W and Audi or perhaps above Audi.

  • PhilLC

    it would be relatively easy based on the new AWD base of the new Giulia.

  • Nate

    Though hindsight is a wonderful thing, Fiat Auto / FCA should have positioned Lancia as a rugged semi-premium sporting marque with cars featuring typically svelte yet aggressively boxy styling that not only capitalizes on its motorsport heritage, but unlike Alfa Romeo is unafraid of the mud instead of ending up being a directionless luxury brand with ugly / generic styling in a failed attempt at appealing to women (at the expense of men) prior to being merged with Chrysler in Europe.

    Can envision Lancia in better circumstances having the following range:

    1) Lancia Stratos – A range-topper featuring a detuned (or even non-turbocharged) version of the Ferrari-derived twin-turbo V6 with optional 4WD.

    2) Lancia Monte Carlo – Think 4WD version of Alfa Romeo 4C with the aggressively boxy retro styling of the original Monte Carlo.

    3) Lancia Delta / Beta – The new Delta would be available as a 3/5-door hatchback and feature the retro aggressively boxy styling of the original, while the new Beta meanwhile (with the slightly softer styling of the original) would be based on the Delta and feature 2-door coupe, 4-door saloon and 5-door estate bodystyles.

    4) Lancia Fulvia – A Supermini segment car available as a 3-door 4-seater hatchback-coupe (inspired by the original Fulvia Sport), 2-door 2-seater coupe, 4-door saloon and 3-door estate in the mold of the 2003 Lancia Fulvia Coupe concept.

    5) Lancia A112 – In place of the current Ypsilon, think lightweight boy-racer 3-door Fiat Panda with the styling of the original Autobianchi A112 and without the retro looks of the Fiat 500.

  • PhilLC

    a new Delta Integrale would also help support resale values on existing Lancias and help keep the brand even more relevant in Italy where its still being marketed. The ladies can still keep buying their Y’s while men can dream and aspire to a new Integrale…and if we get a ‘normal’ Delta out of it as well I’ll be joining the queue at the dealers.

  • supermanuel

    FCA is not capable of reviving brands, it is only capable of bleeding them out until they are dead. Nothing worthwhile will come out of FCA until Marchionne is removed from his post. The man has – literally- no idea how to run a large automobile manufacturer. If you want half-arsed, under-developed, unoriginal and derivative product then Marchionne’s your man. Personally, I don’t want that for Lancia anymore, or Alfa, or Maser…..

    • Classic’sDoctor

      Marchionne is doing exactly what the US mid-size and compact car market has been doing by building 1 platform and several different cars from it underneath the’re the same just different skin and interiors. That’s why i’m sticking to the old school iconic cars to keep the memories alive!

  • joe

    A Fulvia coupe would be a good car to start Lancia again as it would have no competition inside the Fiat group. The Delta family could only work when Alfa stops production of the Giulietta.

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