Unique Skoda 935 Dynamic Makes Its First Appearance At The Bensberg Classics Since 1935

Skoda is celebrating 120 years of existence this year and took nine of its rarest classics at the Bensberg Classics exhibition near Cologne, Germany.

The major attraction was of course the Skoda 935 Dynamic prototype, a streamlined concept dating back to 1935 which was carefully restored back to its original condition by Skoda themselves.

This is after all the only one in existence globally, with its last public appearance set back in October 1935(!) at the Motor Show in Prague where the Skoda 935 Dynamic made its debut. With its teardrop-shaped body, the 935 was exhibiting one of the most progressive designs in the auto industry at the time.

The mid-engined concept is using a body made out of aluminum/steel composite which kept the weight figure down at 1170kg. The water-cooled flat-four 2.0-litre engine is mounted in front of the rear axle and produces 54hp, enough the take the aerodynamic 935 at speed up to 140km/h. Measuring 4.86m in length, 1.68m wide and 1.54m high, this Skoda prototype is a testament of the innovative power that fuelled Skoda back then.

The car was a part of a private collection from 1939 and up until 1968 where the then newly-founded Skoda Museum bought it with Skoda deciding a full restoration back to its original glory in 2012.

Skoda showcased nine cars in total, with the rest of them to be the Laurin & Klement Voiturette A (1905), Laurin & Klement Type S (1911), Laurin & Klement 110 (1925), ŠKODA 645 (1930), ŠKODA Rapid Cabrio de Luxe (1937), ŠKODA Superb OHV (1939), ŠKODA Felicia (1961) and the ŠKODA 1100 MBX (1969).



  • Six Thousand Times

    Love this. Skoda did some really great prewar cars. You have to wonder what might have been. They could’ve been one of the worlds top marques…or they could’ve been SAAB.

  • Vik

    Amazing car… One has to wonder where would Skoda (and the whole country actually) be today, had there been no communists and Russian invasion in ’68. Anyway, glad to see them coming out with awesome cars such as the new Superb

  • fabri99

    This remembers me of Saab. Take it away. Now. Or I’ll cry.