Upcoming Nissan Micra Will Reportedly Be Bigger And Better Built

The next-generation Nissan Micra will not only look better but also bring much-improved interior quality, according to a company boss.

Nissan’s executive vice-president Trevor Mann told Autocar that the upcoming Micra will aim to win back customers with better levels of perceived quality.

The current-generation model has suffered because of poor perceived quality, but Mann says that has nothing to do with the fact that it is made in India.

“I don’t think you can blame India for the perception of quality. You’ve got to blame the people who defined the product. The Micra’s not like that because it’s made in India. We have listened to feedback and I think you will see a big difference,” Mann said. The executive added that production of the next-generation Micra could, in theory, return to Sunderland, but no decision has been made yet.

“As for Sunderland, it was always a plant that was designed to be flexible. And it can make Micra. The debate is whether it can make it and make sense,” Mann said.

The successor to the Micra will arrive next year and will borrow a lot from the Nissan Sway Concept, unveiled at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. According to Mann, the B-segment hatchback will likely grow in size, opening up room for a smaller Nissan city car. However, he said the automaker hasn’t made any decision on a new model yet, as the segment for city cars is not very big in Europe.

Note: Nissan Micra rendering courtesy of Theophilus Chin


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