Volvo S90 Rendering Shows Us How Sweden Might Deal With The Germans

If you think for one second that Volvo isn’t capable of building a car capable of scaring the likes of the BMW 5 Series, Audi A6 or Mercedes E-Class, then you really haven’t been paying attention.

The Swedes have been on a roll ever since the mid 2000s. Since then, every single new or facelifted model that they’ve put out has been exceptional.

Now, they’re able to fight all of their premium rivals in several segments at once with cars such as the V40, S60/V60, XC60 and the XC90.

Here’s how a quick recap of the landscape looks:

V40 – 1 Series, A-Class, A3
S60/V60 – 3 Series, C-Class, A4
XC60 – X3, GLC, Q5
XC90 – X5, GLE, Q7

What this means is that Volvo is covering the premium compact segment, sports sedan segment, as well as the compact and full-size SUV segments.

The only thing missing is a premium mid-size saloon, right? Well, sure, they have the S80, and as much as I personally like the car, it’s now way behind its rivals in terms of performance and tech.

This is where the S90 comes in, a car that’s supposed to feature a premium interior just like the X90, yet “a step up”, as Volvo UK managing director Nick Conner stated a few months ago.

If it ends up looking anything like this rendering (it might look even better), people are probably going to love it. This drawing isn’t aggressive looking, yet it’s extremely stylish…in a simple sort of way. Oh, they have a word for that – it’s called elegant.

Rendering courtesy of Topspeed


  • For the body it’s mostly a question of taste, but the new XC90 might have one of the best current interiors, stylish, efficient, simple to use, well built, and far the best infotainment I’ve ever used. (except Tesla, but too big for my taste). This shows Volvo has a brilliant futur. Volvo used to be the best premium car seller in the US, it is working on being it again. Just Don’t know why they do not do S80/V80/XC80, since the S90 is replacing the S80. It might mean they will end up with S90/V90 and V90 cross country since XC90 exist. Second problem is, if we already know a S90L will be built for China at least as current S80L and S60L or Audi A6L, Using S90 closes the door to a bigger model. What would be an equivalent to a S-class or A8… A S100? Belonging to Geely, I’m sure the new owner would like Volvo to become a best seller of Premium cars in China.

  • Not a bad illustration by the way, but the light will surely have a border sire as on the XC90 alloowing Volvo to do as they do now, put the orange stupid thing US laws ask for in the light, not on the body. (no idea how it’s called).

    • Tysalpha

      Side marker lamp

      • thanks, by the way if you can explain to me why they are mandatory, espacialy with daylight led lights now, and why in US signals are red at the back… seems odd for the rest of the world. (if you know, asked Cartch, still waiting for an answer).

        • Tysalpha

          Hey Herres. At some point (I think late 1960s/early 1970s) the US Dept. of Transportation starting requiring a combination lamp/reflector on the front and back sides of cars, with the front one amber and the back one red. This was so that a vehicle traveling perpendicular to the car would be able to spot it.

          As for the rear turn signals being red…. amber ones are allowed too. But originally (1940s or 50s?) the manufacturers balked when US-DOT wanted amber turn signals in back separate from the red brake lamps. The manufacturers claimed that flashing the red brake bulb would work as well… no doubt to save money back when lamps and lamp housings were more expensive than sheet metal. We’ve just been stuck with it ever since, even though now most cars have the turn signal and brake lamp separate, with both being red.

          So why did the manufacturers get what they wanted with the turn signals but DOT got their way on side markers? Probably politics, and by the time of the side markers safety was a much bigger deal.

          • emjayay

            A lot of cars in the US have taillights that look red but the turn signal is amber when it’s lit, and a lot have the amber already. Some years ago the same car in the US might have all-red and in Europe red/orange. But we’re getting more Europeanish and they are getting more Americanish. As in, a lot of cars are about the same.

  • Six_Tymes

    After being very impressed by the XC90, lets see if they can keep the momentum going and engineer more great cars.

  • fabri99

    I don’t like this rendering, but I absolutely love new Volvo styling.
    Hopefully it will be as good as germans, if not better.

    • Tysalpha

      The render seems to be a current-gen S60, stretched wider, and then the Concept Estate grill treatment added, and a few small touches like the mirror mounts. A worthy effort but it almost certainly tells us nothing about the S90.

    • Tostik

      Clearly better, if the XC90 is any guide.

  • Toss

    no chance for Volvo…the same enthusiasm was with new XC90. Chill down!

    • Volvo is full of orders for the new XC90. What is your point? Sure is not as sporty as Porsche or Audi, or even more Mercedes, but Volvo is targetting luxury, wich the XC90 does quit well. Even if Polestar comes in, we won’t see crazy stuff like AMG, Quattro GMBH or M.

      • Toss

        I simply do not believe in Volvo.

        • Bolan Bash

          I’m driving a C30-2011; S60- 2013 & will be placing an order on the new XC90 T8! What’s your problem?

          • Toss

            Seems that you have a problem with my options! I do not believe in Volvo. That’s all! It’s last on my shopping list.

          • Tostik

            Volvo is first on my shopping list.

        • CalMark

          Who cares. Lots of other people do.

    • MarketAndChurch

      I have hope for Jaguar. But Volvo outsells Jaguar by 4:1 or higher. Heck, I think Volvo outsells Cadillac, an aspiring make on the up and up. They certainly outsell Infiniti, Acura, and Lincoln. So I think Volvo has a certain patriotism that we can’t discount, especially in Europe. And this brand loyalty is despite an aging car line. So if many of us have hope for Jaguar and Cadillac, then Volvo’s standing should be the last non-German3 to doubt. So long as they continue on the Chinese aspiration to challenge the German3, they’ll be just fine.

      • Volvo are bought mostly by people who want safety, or luxury but would not assume being seen in a Audi, Mercedes or BMW and would surely not buy a Jaguar seen as “show of”. Well it is the case in my French/Belgium/swedish family… But I’m sure it’s common. Jaguar is seen as sport/luxury, Volvo as undestructable, premium family friendly. It has chances in luxury. All the other brands montionned are present only in the North american market or/and China. In Europe, Cadillac suffers from the bad image of americans cars from the 80s/90s plus making mistakes like no good diesel engines (between 40 to 80% of sells depending on the country) or trying to sell us a SAAB 9-3 with Cadillac make up (BLS) and only petrol engines as they did with the 9-2x or 9-7x in the US with SAAB. If the current Cadillac line up was sold here, with GM best diesels, agressive marketing they could take a piece of the cake. But GM Europe killed Chevrolet, is now called Opel group… and focues on saving Opel/Vauhxall. Infinity was loved when seen only with US plates, now they are tested, and never the best in class. Some Acura cars are sold in Europe under Honda brand. Like our Accord is your ILX I think… no match for Germans brands. Jaguar looks like is they were design by Audi now by the way.


    I’m now far from alone in going further and seeing the new XC90 as a more than worthy competitor to the Range Rover Sport, Range Rover, the Mercedes GL, and the big US-made body-on frame SUVs, not to mention cross-shopping with the S-Class, 7-Series, A8, LS, XJ, and CT6 etc.

  • nauticalone

    Seen some interesting posts here. I own a VW CC, a Jaguar XK Convertible and a Volvo XC60. All very good cars! I’ve owned several VW’s and Jags over the years. This is first Volvo and pleased so far. Oh, and waiting on new Camaro as my first car was Camaro and kinda feeling some nostalgia. Point is; there are lots of good cars around – just a matter of taste. I’m grateful for the choices!

  • lang

    I feel that pic is what the S90 is going to look like them toy ones I don’t think the S90 isn’t going to look like this pic right here is the correct car

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