Apple’s Automotive Aspirations Reportedly Confirmed Via Internal Emails

Up until this point, there was a lot of talk about tech giant Apple and its purported ambitions to create a car, but now The Guardian claims it can confirm it.

The publication says it obtained internal correspondence from Apple using a public records act request. What they discovered is that a) the project is further along than anticipated, and b) Apple’s already looking for secret proving grounds.

The main location eyed was the GoMentum Station, a former naval base just outside San Francisco now an automotive testing facility.

Frank Fearon, an Apple engineer, is recorded explaining they “would … like to get an understanding of timing and availability for the space, and how we would need to coordinate around other parties who would be using [it].”

He got a reply back from GoMentum’s autonomous vehicles program manager, Jack Hall, who asked if they could postpone their arrangements but they “would still like to meet in order to keep everything moving and to meet your testing schedule.”

The development work on the automotive project is said to be taking place in an indistinct office building some four miles outside of Cupertino.

If the source is completely accurate, then this bit of news really does confirm the Apple car. Not only that, but they should already have prototypes, which people now know where to look for.

Rendering by Aristomenis Tsirbas

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