Audi’s All-New 2016 Q5 Might Just Win Us Over

Even though this is just a rendering, all the signs point to a very successful second-generation Q5 model – a car that’s probably going to help us get over the Q7’s exterior issues.

The car in this image is the (eventual) SQ5 version of the Q5, that’s obviously still being tested on public roads while camouflaged. But that’s not really what matters here.

Let us remind you that when the first generation Q5 came out, it simply wiped the floor with the BMW X3 in terms of styling, space and dynamics, and it even taught the Mercedes-Benz GLK a thing or two.

This time, with the all-new model, it should be no different. The BMW X3 is already out, the Mercedes-Benz GLC just came out, and what this means is that they’ll be sitting ducks in front of the Q5, at least on paper.

Aesthetically, it will probably feature much sharper lines, similar to the all-new A4 sedan and Q7, and a fantastic interior – you can bet on that one.

So yes, this rendering shows off the SQ5 version, but it doesn’t matter since style-wise that front end looks pretty good and the difference between an SQ5 and a Q5 will be minimal in terms of appearance.

The production model will probably feature even more aggressive lines and a more dynamic looking profile. Its compact dimensions will, in all likelihood, make the all-new Q5 a better looking SUV than its larger brother.

Rendering courtesy of TopSpeed