Classic Porsche 911 SC Crushed To Promote Fashion

Dropping a concrete barrier onto what looks like a pristine and very complete 1978-1981 Porsche 911 SC definitely seem like a good way to attract attention, regardless of your cause.

Marcus Wainright and David Neville decided it would be a good way to promote their fashion label Rag & Bones, which it did very well because as this seems to be quite a popular story regardless of each media outlet’s chosen niche.

They had the Porsche crushed for the under a minute long campaign film you see below, for their Fall 2015 collection – maybe that’s why they had something fall onto the old 911.

Apparently, even though the car looks nice and complete, the people behind the shoot say it was actually just a shell; they probably did remove the engine and all the bits that could have caught fire, but a bare shell it was not.

Scroll down and check the video out after the virtual jump and do also check out their slightly older short film called “The Driver.”

via Jalopnik, Refinery29