DAMD Toyota GT86 Inspired By Aston Martin

So, here’s a… thing.

Say what you want but the Japanese still have the tendency to transform their vehicles into retro-looking, tribute-paying reproductions. This relationship between classic details and Japanese cars started a long time ago and, apparently, continues till this day.

There are countless kit conversions, or even straight-out-the-factory models that try their best to replicate the classic days of motoring. Mitsouka Himiko, Daihatsu Copen, Nissan Figaro, the Pit-Crew kit for the MX5, the original MX-5 and even the factory-exclusive 86 Style CB are just few examples.

Don’t get me wrong, these cars aren’t replicas and most of them don’t take themselves too serious. It’s all about having fun.

Surely then this “86 Vantage” is no exception. As you can tell from a mile away, it’s a Toyota GT86 that borrows details from the Aston Martin Vantage. The tuning house responsible for this “transformation” is DAMD – a Japanese company accountable for that cute Suzuki Lapin-Renault 4 conversion.

Anyway, the tuner offers an array of subtle mods (the grille doesn’t count) for the GT86 in order to make it resemble the well-known British icon. Mind you, nobody would get any street-cred for sporting this kit (except maybe if it’s mated with a Rocked Bunny widebody).

That said, the car comes with a revised front bumper, a revised rear bumper, a very obvious grille and everything in between. In fact, the attention to details is quite exquisite, as the DAMD offers even custom badging to go along with the “ruse”. The turn signals embedded in the side-mirrors are a nice touch.

Even the interior didn’t escaped untouched, although the surplus leather doesn’t make it more luxurious. Still, the entire center console has been upgraded and the cabin is full of small, but subtle improvements – did you notice the metal rings around the air conditioning knobs?

All in all, the entire package is kind of tacky, but it comes in at “only” $4063 and it includes new front and rear bumpers, a trunk spoiler, a couple of front fender elements, some emblems, turn signal mirrors, “premium seat covers”, central armrest, air conditioning dial rings, leather wrapped steering wheel and bespoke instrument panel kit.

The GT86 is sold separately.