Driver Captures Illegal Maneuvers And A Couple Of Close Calls On Dashcam In One Day

Even though Russians are notorious for bringing us truly “priceless” dashcam footage, drivers from other countries can be just as bad when it comes to taking risks and doing stupid things in traffic.

This footage comes from Romania, where the driver of this car apparently had a very eventful day. At first I wasn’t sure, but then I just followed the movement of the sun in the video and realized everything happened on the same day. Kinda like in Training Day!

Anyway, watch the clip and you’ll see drivers taking stupid risks, drivers being ignorant, and some even looking to hurt somebody by forcing people to get out of their way so that they can…you know, keep breathing.

The first one that really caught my attention was that red Chevy Spark that almost caused a head-on collision with our “protagonist”. After that, we have a few, let’s say annoying events but harmless really…until we get to the silver VW Passat that pulls out right in front of the “camera car”.

The owner of the video says that there was nobody behind him, yet that Passat driver chose to not wait another couple of seconds and force him to get on the brakes. Personally, I hate those people too. And on top of that, they have the audacity to take their sweet time accelerating after they’ve already forced you to slow down to a crawl.

If you’re going to give somebody a scare, at least have the decency to get on the throttle hard after you pull out in front of them, so that at least they only have to slow down instead of straight on climb on the brakes.

After a few illegal & risky overtaking maneuvers, we get to another driver who isn’t very keen on keeping his life. I’m talking about the guy behind the wheel of that silver Peugeot 307, who barely makes it past the truck. Notice how the incoming pick-up truck had to literally drive off the road for a couple of moments. Oh and the road opens up almost immediately… from a single lane to a double lane.

Talk about risking your life for nothing.

And then, the same Peugeot 307 driver gets into another close call, this time with what looks like a Ford B-Max. This guy was on a roll!

Near the end of the clip we also get to see a trucker putting lives at risk by overtaking right before a turn, causing incoming traffic to actually stop so that he could complete the pass.

The last one is arguably the closest call we’ve seen, and it could have ended really bad for multiple vehicles.

It pains me to say that perhaps too many people need to just forget about operating vehicles in public nowadays.