Litchfield Can Extract 44 More Horsepower From Your Ferrari 458’s Engine

UK-based performance specialist Litchfield has just revealed a kit that boosts the power output of the Ferrari 458 Italia by 44 hp. All it changes is the intake, the exhaust and the ECU map.

The exhaust is an off-the-shelf Akrapovic unit, specially designed for the 458, and the remap is done in house by Litchfield. With the power hike, torque also goes up, by 14 lb-ft or 18 Nm.

The total new power figure achieved by fitting the kit, which also makes the whole car 14.2 kg lighter, is 551 hp, up from the standard 519 hp.

How can you tell if a 458 has this kit fitted? All get a custom Litchfield airbox, which also houses the higher flow air filters – it’s very visible as it sits at the end of the engine canopy and has a Litchfield branding on it.

Price for the kit is £11,995 / €16,800 / $18,700 sans VAT.

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