Next California Reportedly Debuting New Modular Platform, But What Other Ferraris Will It Underpin?

The all-new Ferrari California, a model due in 2017, is said to be the first offering from the brand to be built around a new modular architecture. Apparently, it’s flexible enough to be used as either front- or mid-engined and we wonder what models other than the California will it be used in?

Automobile Magazine recently published a detailed report on Ferrari’s near-future plans. They mention all future models and combine tips with educated guesses to paint a plausible picture.

Firstly, the California (current generation pictured) will be a more sporty car than the current GT-esque offering. It is also said to drop in price and come with a smaller 2.9-liter V6 turbo which could reportedly use a wide 120 degree V configuration – power could be dialed up to 600 hp.

Interestingly, this same unit is actually said to be primarily envisioned for the upcoming Dino model. According to the source report, the reason it wasn’t made until now was former boss de Montezemolo’s opposition, but now that Marchionne is in charge the situation is bound to change.

Price for the Dino is said to be the equivalent of around $200,000; for that kind of asking price, calling it a ‘baby’ Ferrari will be a bit daft and it will kind of negate the point, but we’ll see if this materializes and how.

The FF will apparently undergo a massive formula change. It could get full-length gullwing doors (for both front and rear occupants), like the Nanoflowcell car. Its front overhang will be shortened, while the rear is extended. Sounds implausible but, again, in concept it sounds cool.

We’ll also get a new F12 Berlinetta at some point, but that doesn’t sound like it will undergo any dramatic changes. The final interesting speculative model mentioned is the LaFerrarina, which is supposed to be a car based on the flagship hybrid’s platform, but ditch the electric aid and just generally be a less extreme proposition (as the name implies).

The latter could be revealed at Ferrari’s 70th anniversary in 2017.

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