Next-Generation Alfa Romeo Giulietta Rendering Borrows A Lot From The Giulia

Alfa Romeo has more important things to worry about now than the next-generation Giulietta compact hatchback – we’re talking of course about the roll-out of its new rear-wheel drive models.

So far there’s no official information about Alfa Romeo planning a next-generation Giulietta, but given that the Italian brand wants to compete with German luxury automakers, dropping the compact hatchback would not be the best idea.

That’s because luxury carmakers have increased their presence considerably in the compact segment in recent years.

So, assuming Alfa Romeo will build a new Giulietta, what would it look like? Well, according to Photoshop manipulator Theophilus Chin, it could look like a Giulia hatchback. Starting with the hatchback silhouette of the current Giulietta, he applied the doors and front end of the Giulia, while also reducing the dash-to-axle distance.

While the result is not bad, I just hope Alfa Romeo won’t become one of those manufacturers whose cars all look the same.