Pontiac Firefly Meets Death Via Caterpillar D11 Buldozer

Watching cars get destroyed is not a pretty sight, especially when we’re talking about expensive vehicles that can still be of use to someone.

But the consumer society we live in dictates that millions of cars should be crushed each year in junkyards all over the world.

However, when the car in question is an early 1990s Pontiac Firefly (which was essentially a rebadged Suzuki Cultus), chances are not many people will cry over it being destroyed. In fact, to make the experience more interesting, the owner of this Firefly didn’t take it to a junkyard, but wanted to see how the small car would cope with the Caterpillar D11 buldozer’s 100-tonne weight.

As you can imagine, the Firefly had as many chances of survival as a firefly would have after being stepped on by an elephant. Check out the video below.