Promo Video Showcases Audi A4’s Virtual Cockpit

Although the B9 Audi A4 doesn’t stylistically look that different from the generation it replaces, its interior sure is a giant leap in the right direction.

But only if you break into your savings account and start paying for optional extras. Of course, you should be careful on what you spend, otherwise you’ll end up with a lot of nonsense that you don’t really need.

But here’s the thing; Audi’s new compact executive automobile – yes, the A4 – comes with a virtual instrument cluster that is superbly mind-boggling. If you have the means of equipping your A4 with this optional extra, you should certainly do it.

The gadget is basically the same one found in other Audi models, such as the TT and the Q7, but in this case it transforms a mundane sedan (or estate) into the Starship Enterprise.

The normal instrument panel with gauges and all sorts of prehistoric things is replaced by an LCD screen that overwhelms the driver with a plethora of cool information consisting of everything you can imagine; the display is adjustable, able to highlight appropriate information, such as navigation details, speed and even infotainment characteristics.

I wonder how long it takes for someone to hack the unit and teach it how to play movies and games. Here’s a neat headline: Audi A4 driver causes pile-up on the motorway while trying to download tailgating apps to his state-of-the-art instrument cluster. That said, you can get the thing for approximately $550.


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