There’s A 1990 Alfa Romeo SZ For Sale In New York

I’ve never hidden my fondness for Alfa Romeo’s SZ, despite what everyone says about Zagato’s polarizing styling that led many to nickname the series “Il Mostro”, which is Italian for “The Monster”.

Like so many other unique and often super-cool European rides from the 1980s and 1990s, neither the SZ Coupe nor its RZ roadster twin were imported to North America, but now that the 25-year import rule has kicked in for the Alfa, one of the first examples has landed in our neighborhood, and specifically, in New York.

It’s a 1990 model, the 18th made out of a total of 1,000 or so SZs to leave the factory between 1989 and 1991, and it only has “3,500km and some change” (about 2,200 miles) under its belt.

The seller states in the Hemmings ad that it’s “in perfect running condition. Everything works (including the clock!) I did a full service on it a few months ago-belts, fluids, etc…it needs nothing.”

He adds, “in terms of defects, well, there are the usual hilarious panel gaps that all the sz’s had, and a few microblisters on the paint. This was common to ALL sz’s, it’s just a question of how bad, and on this car, the paint is very good. There’s also a small abrasion that’s about an inch or so long on the driver side bolster.”

It all sounds good until you reach the end of the listing and see the asking price of $119,500. While I may not have that kind of money sitting aside, I’ll quietly nod in agreement with one of the commentators over at BaT who said that, “If it were my $115k, I’d take this over 6-figure 911 which they made tens of thousands of…”.


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