Wald’s Black Bison Styling Program Fits S-Class Coupe Perfectly

Since the Mercedes S-Class Coupe is such a hot item right now, here’s another one that’s probably going to get on your good side.

According to Wald International, the concept behind the new Black Bison Edition S-Class Coupe is “Overwhelming Presence” for the front, and “Run through the street” for the rear – meant to create a strong impression.

While they can go ahead and call it whatever they like, I’ll just state the obvious right here and say that it looks amazing. Maybe those beautiful wheels are a smidge too big, but the design is great and fits the elegant body of this two-door Merc like a charm.

Maybe they got together on Tinder!

Anyway, Wald’s styling kit is available for both the base grade model as well as the AMG Sport Package model – which is great news for owners that didn’t buy top of the line versions of this car.

However, there are two things that I’m not crazy about. For one, the custom LEDs at the front look a bit out of place, whereas the ‘Black Bison’ writing at the back looks and sounds a little silly.

Other than that, all I got is a bag full of superlatives for this car. You might even talk me into liking it more than this S63 AMG Coupe with the Vossen wheels.

And that’s a really tall order right now.