2017 Audi A6 Jointly Developed With The Upcoming A7 And A8 Models

The fact that Audi will unveil the next-gen Audi A6 in 2017 isn’t a secret anymore, but here are some insights about the upcoming executive German saloon.

We kind of deduced that the Prologue Concept was a map of things to come (it’s in its name, for God’s sake), but now, Marc Lichte – Audi design chief – stated to Autocar that even the A6 will be inspired from the study:

“We designed the new A6, A7 and A8, then put the essence of all three into the Prologue. Every element can be traced to the production car.”

This means that the Prologue is an incredibly well-designed mash-up of future Audi products and, apparently, not only the A8 will be linked to it, but the lesser models as well. Mind you, if Audi continues its copy-paste design tradition, elements from the upcoming models will bound to be found – eventually – in other four-ringed branded automobiles.

Moreover, Audi has combined the development of the A6, A7 and A8 in a jointly engineered program. The A6 will be engineered along with the new versions of the A7 and A8, according to the magazine. Allegedly, all three models will share the platform, driveline, chassis and electrical systems in order to reduce costs.

So, apart from using a hexagonal single-frame grille, angular headlights and other Prologue-borrowed design-cues, the car will also feature Matrix OLED tail-lights – which are set to debut at Frankfurt along with the e-tron quattro concept.

Audi Prologue, Prologue Avant and Prologue Allroad pictured