Audi Makes A Video About Its Moon Rover Project Involvement

Audi isn’t technically building a rover to be sent to the moon, but it is helping out with the creation (styling and promoting) of one. The German automaker has teamed up with the Part-Time Scientists, a team that was already working on small lunar rover project.

Now, Audi has published its first video confirming their implication, after a rather short and lackluster previous announcement on the matter. Not that this adds any details, as it just shows they are committed to it and want to improve the overall company image in the process – who wouldn’t want to be associated with space travel and planetary exploration?

Think of the slogans they could come up with once the co-produced rover hits lunar soil: “First we conquered the rally scene with Quattro, then the road, now…” you fill in the rest, as I`m sure you get the idea – it’s a brilliant marketing ploy.

If Audi was really serious about this, maybe it would have built a rover of its own, instead of placing its name on someone else’s product.