China-Only Buick Excelle GT Gets Rendered As A Sports Tourer

Based on the US-spec Buick Verano, the China-only facelifted Excelle GT might work really well as an Estate, if it was being sold on a different continent, that is.

The applied facelift clearly sets the Buick Excelle apart from not just the Verano, but also the older, non-facelifted version, which didn’t look as sleek as this refreshed model does.

Aside from the looks (new front & rear fascias), the Excelle GT also features a dual-clutch transmission as well as two new engines in the shape of a 1.5-liter 113 HP unit and a more powerful 1.4-liter turbocharged 140 HP unit.

Keep in mind though that in China, the Excelle is what they call a “luxury compact car”, which means that there are good odds against this Sports Tourer version ever seeing the light of day over there – since you know, not a lot of luxury estates roaming around China these days.

However, if you want to imagine what it would be like driving this thing, just think about an Opel Astra or the previously mentioned Verano and you’ll get the picture.

As for the Chinese market, they’ll probably stick with that they know/like, such as long wheelbase saloons and SUVs.

Renderings courtesy of Theophilus Chin