China’s Zotye Clones Another German Crossover, The Audi Q3

All we can do is laugh, really, and nod in disapproval when taking a look at Zotye’s new ripoff model. It seems that the designers working for the company really have a fondness for the VW group, because this time they cloned the Audi Q3.

The cloning is so well done that you can even tell they got their inspiration from the pre-facelift model…

As a reminder, Zotye has a history of cloning crossovers. They offer the T700, a Macan clone, the T600, which is an Audi Q5-Acura RDX mishmash and the Damai X5 which mirrors a VW Tiguan.

The only thing we can do, since these kinds of copies are protected by the Chinese government, is point them out, make fun of them and the lowly practices that go on within the company.

China still has a long way to clone… I mean go before becoming a serious car making culture.

H/T to Xavier, Photos via IndianAutosBlog

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