Ferrari’s New Turbo V8 Sounds Racy Enough With Aftermarket Capristo Exhaust

Ferrari’s new twin-turbo 3.9-liter V8 engine is a real peach, regardless of what some may say about it.

It makes the obnoxiously loud 458 exhaust more muted and therefor street-able, but it still preserves the same overall noise if at a lower volume plus a small hint of turbo whistle.

The same engine is used in the more laid back California T, but even in that application you can unleash more noise out of it. Naturally, you need a good custom exhaust for that, and tuner Capristo provides it.

The car you see being dyno’d in the video below uses the new Capristo system and it sounds very raw and not turbocharged. It doesn’t really fit the character of the California T, although it is sportier than its predecessor, but something like this for the 488 GTB would be enough to silence the critics – literally…

So, do you think it sounds any better and would you have one if you owned either of these two new turbo Ferraris? Or would you just leave them bone-stock?