Flying Cars Going Mainstream? Toyota Files Suggestive Patent

You may think the sector of flying cars is reserved just for small companies and visionaries, it would seem Toyota may be joining the fun in the future. Apparently, the Japanese giant has filed a patent for a “stackable wing for an aerocar.”

We’ve covered a few flying cars here, but this one seems to be a bit different to the others. It seems to work by breaking up the wing into smaller segments which stack on the roof. These then get redeployed and make up an entire wing for air travel.

The only thing we don’t get from the Automotive News article quoting Bloomberg, is how after you`ve folded up the wings “additional wings can be stacked atop the first.”

We don’t really know what that refers to – maybe you can carry the wings of other flying Toyotas on the roof of your own, or maybe it’s something completely different.

So could Toyota be the first mainstream name to have a production flying car up for sale? We can’t say, but certainly the development power of a company like Toyota may get more out of the formula in the long run.