New Audi Quattro Commercial Is All About Going To The Moon

Audi is on mission to take its Quattro all-wheel drive system to the Moon, supporting the Part-Time Scientists in creating a rover for Google’s Lunar XPRIZE competition.

According to the mini-site created in support, the project has three important hurdles to overcome: landing safely on the Moon, driving a distance of 500 m on its surface and beam back HD quality images to Earth.

The biggest enemy facing the rover, once it reaches the lunar surface, will be the fine and very sticky dust, as Audi’s latest video Quattro ad posted below reveals.

They spin the whole going to the Moon thing their way, saying it’s ‘the next frontier’ for Quattro. Granted, something that works well on the Moon will have no trouble on the Earth’s surface, and it’s pretty good for marketing, but that’s hardly saying much.


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