New Infiniti Q30 And Mercedes-Benz A-Class Side-By-Side

Looking at the Infiniti Q30 and Mercedes A-Class side by side from the outside, you’ll be hard pressed to tell that they are related, but there is one common denominator.

It’s not in the detailing, or the styling itself, but it most likely has to do with the all-important proportions, an area primarily dictated by the use of the same modular platform.

That basically means the size ratio of ‘boxes’ the car is made of – yes, a box is the last thing you think of when looking at the Q30, but it does have a two-box design and the boxes are roughly the same size on both models.

Nevertheless, that’s about all that visually links the two cars on the outside. Other than that, you have to move to the interior to spot anything else in common. And even here, it’s just a few buttons and switches, like the ones for the electric seat memory function.

Check out the side-by-side gallery below and tell us if you spot anything else!

Photo Gallery