Startech Infuses The Continental Flying Spur With Some Style

If you think the Bentley Continental Flying Spur is missing some German flair, Startech is willing to infuse some.

Ever since its facelift, the Bentley Continental Flying Spur has become a more muscular, well-defined British-brute, gaining the attention of German tuners – which for some reason want to further transform it into an over-the-top Autobahnkurier. Brabus’ division with an eye for British machines – Startech – is the latest firm to… tweak the steroidal gentleman.

To make it more “in tune” with the German super-saloons, Startech came up with an aggressive, carbon-fiber body kit (produced in-house). The aero package is composed of a front spoiler with integrated fiber-optic daytime running lights, and a rear diffuser which nicely combines a LED module (reminiscent of the modern-day Formula 1 cars).

Of course, all components are aerodynamically-optimized to reduce lift and come with a naked high-gloss or matte finish, but can also be painted in vehicle or contrasting color.

In contrast with the tamed, poised exterior, Startech went to town on the interior. The white-brown color theme is bold and striking, especially combined with many unique highlights –including the light-blue, and stitched accents. But the exclusive inlays (interior trim) made out of white cherry wood is the pièce de résistance of the whole cabin.

Yup, respecting Bentley’s tradition, Startech finish carpenters garnished the interior with custom-made wood accents, flawlessly covered with several coats of clear lacquer.

The forged, king-sized Startech Monostar G 10J x 22 rims are ready to transfer some serious grunt to the asphalt, although the German tuner concentrated only on visual mods. Still, Startech promises to come back with professional performance upgrades for the V8 and the W12 engine.

Meanwhile, Startech’s offers a stainless-steel exhaust rig – combined with four beautifully-integrated tailpipes – which features an electronically-controlled butterfly valve system that can really set a sporty mood.