Taiwan’s Thunder Power Shines Light On EV Sedan, Aimed At Tesla Model S

With everybody looking to grab a piece of Tesla’s pie lately, it seems that Taiwanese company Thunder Power definitely want to be next in line at rolling the dice.

It just so happens that sometimes, competitive products can come from the most improbable places, and what we have here is an electric saloon from Taiwanese manufacturer ‘Thunder Power’ – which sounds like something a Power Ranger would say before contributing to the formation of a giant Robot.

But don’t let its origins fool you, because this EV saloon also features a next-gen interior design, futuristic yet a little retro at the same time.

While the exterior has a couple of weird angles, the cabin features a great-looking TP-Touch display covering the entire length of the dashboard. It includes the instrument cluster, the infotainment system as well as passenger video streaming and Internet access.

Inside, you’ll find a dedicated EV platform, powered by a 125 kWh microprocessor-controlled battery pack, which the company says is cheaper to produce and lighter than what the competition can muster up. Apparently, it’s also slower to age.

Potential buyers will be able to choose between two versions of the Sedan: 308 HP (230 kW) and 428 HP (320 kW). Yeah, those types of numbers are really good at grabbing attention. Both models will allegedly be able to travel over 650 km (403 miles) on a single charge, and by charging it for just 30 min, you’ll still be able to travel a distance of over 300 km (186 miles).

In terms of straight line performance, the range-topping 320 kW version will hit 100 km/h (62 mph) in under 5 seconds, as well as a top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph). On paper, that’s good enough to challenge the Model S, specifically the entry-level 70D version.

The Thunder Power Sedan is said to make its European debut in 2017, before heading over to China in 2018 and then the United States.

Aside from the standard EV saloon, Thunder Power also presented a ‘Race’ version which you’ll find pictured in the gallery below.