Does The Striking Lexus LF-FC Concept Actually Preview The Next LS?

Lexus needs its next LS flagship to be as striking as the recently unveiled LF-FC concept. The hydrogen-powered study is reportedly not a direct preview of the next LS, though, according to those present at the Tokyo Motor Show.

If the product version remains true to the concept, it will signal a major departure for the model which has so far been quite restrained with its aesthetic embellishments.

On the other hand, the new, bold design has become very popular with buyers in the US. The sportier image its new cars project has helped Lexus sales boom and make it a true contender for the top spot in the premium segment.

It has even dropped the median age of its customers significantly, something that’s on the wish list of every single automaker. The LS, even in its current form, is no exception, so there’s no reason for its replacement not to embrace the new corporate identity.