Fiat Toro-Based Cherokee Pickup Makes Little Sense

With a Wrangler-based pickup already on its way, Jeep fans might also want to imagine what a Cherokee-based product would look like, leading to more utilitarian possibilities within the brand.

Just so nobody clicks away feeling confused, this rendering depicts what the Fiat Toro would look like if it was wearing a Jeep Cherokee front fascia. But if by some stretch of the imagination, Jeep went ahead and built this thing, they would obviously not use Fiat’s name.

So yeah, we’re looking at a speculation within a speculation, since there’s no indication that Jeep is interested in building more than one pickup, nor is there any sign of them “craving” to use the Cherokee as a benchmark.

This doesn’t exactly look like the most rugged thing in the world does it? In other words, you won’t see Joe Manganiello stepping out of this car wearing a lumberjack shirt – though that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t find a market for it.

The Cherokee is actually a successful model within the Jeep range. This year alone (first half), Jeep sold 105,426 units, more than they did with the Wrangler or the Compass.

Cherokee fans/buyers who actually need a pickup, would certainly raise less of an eyebrow when confronted with this rendering, than say, somebody who can’t even fathom a pickup that’s less capable than a Silverado.

In terms of looks, as you can see nothing else was changed as the Fiat Toro digitally transformed into a Jeep, aside from the front end and the color of course. The mirrors are the same, the roof rails are the same, the rear is the same and so are the wheels.

Renderings courtesy of Theophilus Chin